The appearance is Eslok, the contents are Zaurus Jr. Honda S600 Racer 2

The exterior is esroku, but the inside of this car is a pipe frame midship layout.
In addition, the AS285E engine for Eslok is placed horizontally to match the Zaurus Jr. chassis.

The mission exhausted all possible light missions and determined that the Wagon R's 5th gear for NA was the best match. The engine was bored up to 650cc and equipped with four FCR cab φ33mm.

The oil pan has been subjected to original baffle processing for horizontal G measures. The suspension was diverted and used because the rear spring of Esachi was the same diameter.

Saul Jr., who says that "there is a high limit, but cannot recover after spin motion", said that the eslok is very easy to handle because the rate has been reduced and the feet are sticky.

Cockpit with one-off aluminum tabs based on the Zaurus Jr. chassis. Right shift in center layout, organ pedals and their contents are completely racing cars.

The engine hood is one-off with aluminum. The elaborate finish is embossed with the "HONDA" logo.

On this day, the modified Esachi also participates in the driving event. A high-pitched exhaust of 9000 rpm or more echoed on the circuit.

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