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The appendix is ​​that crocodile crocodile. April issue of Bangnam Collaboration's kindergarten release-Engadget Japan version

In the past year or so, when I heard about Shogakukan's learning magazine "Kindergarten" which has become a hot magazine among gadget lovers … what do you do if you do not know the situation? Will be considered.
As a matter of fact, the magazine recently performed unique collaborations with various companies in special projects and appendices. Even the parents have an assembly appendix that will be quite hot.

An alligator to the April issue of the magazine, which will be released today on February 29 for 1,350 yen (tax included), is "Alligator Panic & Nobita's New Dinosaur Panic". This is a miniature assembly kit of Namco (now Bandai Namco Amusement) 's super-masterpiece amusement machine (Elemeca), which would probably have been seen once at the game corner by readers of this magazine.

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Crocodile alligator panic is a crocodile extermination action game that is no longer a genre name, rather than a so-called mole-striking system. For some generations, it's more famous to say that it's like a crocodile crocodile than to say that it's like a mole slap for the same kind of game.


A simple and easy-to-understand rule that “ strike the crocodile's head coming out of the cave with the attached hammer to score '', a fun movement unique to the electromechanical machine, andExquisite difficulty that "There are only five crocodile (five places) on the rules, so it looks easy when watching human play, but it does not go well when playing by yourself"It is gaining stable popularity.

The first generation made its debut in 1989, but there are several stores that are currently in operation, including the series "Alligator Panic 3". Due to its popularity, derivative works and sequels such as "Kani Kani Panic" and "Shark Shark Panic" have been created, and even pachinko and pachislot have appeared, so it has a character aspect as well.


This appendix is ​​a small-sized assembly kit that reproduces the exterior of this machine on a paper base. Alligator operation and score counting are based on a motor unit that runs on one AA battery.
Since this motor unit can be pulled out from the back of the main unit, exterior changes described later can be easily performed.

The exterior, crocodile model, hammer, etc. are made of paper. In addition, there is only a kindergarten appendix, and it has a relatively simple structure. However, despite the fact that crocodile and the like are made of paper, the atmosphere is quite similar.
Moreover, the assembly is completed only with cellophane tape and one AA battery, which is a power source.

The level of portability that we are concerned about is also quite high, like the medal dropping game introduced in collaboration with Sega, which was introduced earlier in this magazine.

The features that were featured in the arcade version, such as the specification that the score is deducted when approaching (believed to be bitten by the player) and the specification that the crocodile gets angry and moves abruptly before the time limit is omitted It seems like the crocodile movement that does not know which face comes out is full of atmosphere.

Regarding the score display, the LED part of the original (arcade version) does not work, but a 2-digit counter is provided slightly above it.


And as for the degree of difficulty, as you can see in the video, if you are careless, even adults can get a huge impression.
BecauseThe speed at which the crocodile comes out is a bit slow, but when it retracts, the speed will be so intense that it will not be crisp.I'd like you to watch the official video here, but if you're withdrawn you can't beat it.

In the arcade version, the crocodile was made of plastic-based material, and the travel distance was reasonable, so it took a certain amount of time to retract (so if the reaction was fast, I could hit it on the way down) But this is a moment that seems almost impossible.

The main parts are light, so it has an excellent power weight ratio. In addition, the movement distance is short by miniaturization, so this intense speed can be realized. Finally, if you think about the perfect aim, even adults are more likely to be swamped.


In addition, this appendix contains a conversion kit that was not possible even at home (in industry terms). That is "Nobita's New Dinosaur Panic", a unique collaboration with Shogakukan magazine.


This is a version featuring Doraemon's latest movie "Nobita's New Dinosaur". The score panel and other parts became the same work specification, and the crocodile turned into a dinosaur. In front of the score panel, there are also two dinosaurs, "Cue" and "Mu", two key dinosaurs of the same work.


And the structure that can be easily removed from the motor unit mentioned above will be utilized in this exterior change. In other words, it is designed to be "relatively easy to change between crocodile or dinosaur depending on mood."

This is (of course) a feature that was not possible in the original.From the viewpoint of transplantation, it is also an "upper transplant that can change characters in Doraemon collaboration specification"That's why.


In addition, the magazine's main magazine also includes "Until Crocodile Panic Can Be Made" as a linked article. "How was the alligator alligator panic created at the arcade? Here's the secret!"


The crocodile crocodile panic is currently in the process of being produced as a reboot of the arcade version, crocodile panic R. Operation at the game center is scheduled for June.

In this “ R '', while inheriting the points that are electromechanical and the basic system from the first generation, the crocodile motion of five crocodile is characterized, it is possible to change the difficulty level more flexibly according to the score etc. We are improving the degree of perfection as a game.

At the same time, the panel unit is equipped with a liquid crystal display, so that the effect that shows the situation change enters, and the aim is to make the game easy to understand and easy to excite in the gallery.


In this way, this supplemental version of the crocodile crocodile is a work that seems to be very popular in terms of topicality in addition to actual fun. Therefore, you may need to be careful about running out of stock, which is common in recent kindergarten magazines.

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