The application "MEISAI" that identifies and processes only people using AR technology is interesting! You can easily shoot video like chroma key synthesis!

The evolution of smartphone apps in recent years is remarkable. In particular, the technology of photography and video shooting and processing apps has evolved beyond a few years ago,You can blend video and image,Cut out a person from the video and copy the person. It is already free. The area that can be easily operated has been expanding rapidly.

In the meantime, there were apps that could apply effects to only people (or only backgrounds) in real time using the AR technology of the iPhone. That is "MEISAI (camouflage)" (iOS).Once activated, the effect immediately!被 写 体 You can apply various processing to the subject captured by the camera! This is Nani !?

・ Only available after XS

This app can be used to process people using the AR function added from iOS13. By using the function to distinguish only people from the space captured by the camera, it is possible to obtain an effect similar to chroma keying.

However, the APP STORE"This app only works on iPhoneXR / XS / 11"It is described. I (Sato) who used iPhoneSE couldn't use the app, so I asked editor-in-chief GO Hatori (11Pro) to shoot.

When activated, the effect is already applied to the person being shot. When I tried to shoot Hatori, it was already in the default "mosaic" state.

At the bottom of the screen are the effect icons. Choose the ones you like and enjoy the effects. The red circle in the center is the record button. By tapping the frog mark on the right side, you can switch the effect target to a person or a person other than a person.

・ Distinguish between people and others

The app seems to be able to distinguish between people and others with fairly high accuracy. When you actually shoot, you can see that the effect is not applied to the armrests of the chair on which Hatori sits. However, the effect is not applied to the left foot, probably because of wearing camouflage pants.

Wouldn't it be better to take a picture of a person in a place with as few objects as possible?

By the way, if you switch between the person and the background, you can enjoy exactly the same effect as chroma keying. Tap the frog mark and the frog is upside down. Hick frog to frog mark …?

・ If it cannot be used, "D 'efekt"

The app "D 'efekt" introduced earlierCan enjoy an effect similar to this. This isn't limited to people, but the effects are subject to movement. Or it's all the things the camera has captured. Therefore, it is not possible to cut and process only a person from the background.

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Defekt is a terrible app and keeps playing

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If you don't have iPhoneXS or later and can't use "MEISAI", you may want to use this. However, please note that “MEISAI” can be used for free, while “D 'efekt” requires in-app purchase when adding effects.

Reference link:D’ efect,MEISAI (camouflage)(IOS)
Report:Hidenori Sato

Screenshot: iOS

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