The automotive segment of what? “A, B, C”criteria as determined from

Automotive New Car announcement of news watching,”segment”words often come out. For example the 23rd world premiere in your Toyota Yaris Cross the B-segment, but”A or C What is the difference between”and the definition of those who want to know what.

【Here】Toyota・Yaris&Honda Fit “you?” I think that the reversal of features in the B segment competition (1/2)

The segment is primarily in Europe, major car classification method. Originally a marketing term,the target for product groups in accordance with certain rules to divide, namely the category criteria to segment and. Car category and demographics are different,the main target consumers, depending on the car segment on minutes only, but in Europe the mainstream of.

For example, a compact car, not turn on a dime, low mileage,and shopping and child pick-ease-of-use to the car seekers are the main target. SUV from the mountain roads and in adverse conditions and a smooth ride, and the Luggage space is wide, such as the practicality of the height of the points of the outdoors, such as holidaymakers, you prefer to work, such as in relation to carrying a lot of Luggage who are the target visit.

The bottom line of the segment are primarily of a car length depending on the,A ~ F, you. Approximate total length 3. 3~3.6 m from A mini car and super compact lot, 3.6~4.4 m from B in a common compact car and more. 4.4 ~ 4.6 m from C in a compact car, large size car and a compact sedan are the All condition just.

This car price quotes in addition to the results,the alphabet progresses as a large luxury car that would work to. Mercedes Benz・S Class, like a super-large from luxury sedan, if the special frame of the”L segment”to enter.

In Japan, the cars plate from the color of the yellow bus,passenger car size to fit the small size is 5 members,car is the 3 version that. Motor vehicle tax for passenger cars with a total engine displacement is larger for the higher, the displacement in the categories that the movement stand out. However, the segment of cars, like the different sizes of the fine category to do the movement is not. This was also in Japan and Europe the cultural differences of the people.

The segment is from Europe, born of an automobile sizes and prices to fit your class’s methods and remember, if you would.

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