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The awesomeness of "Ringfit Adventure" that I dislike muscle training for 5 months | GW Recommended Game-Engadget Japan

Golden Week greeted us at home during the emergency declaration to contain the spread of new corona infection. For the past few weeks, I have been able to enjoy “sightseeing” and “exercise” without going out, thanks to the software “Ningfit Adventure” for Nintendo Switch.course
▲ There are a wide variety of courses, from the fields with rich nature to the scenery with watermills. I'm tired of running every day

Immediately after it was released in October 2019, I forgot to make a reservation and could not get it, and it was in December that it happened to be delivered after I found a reservation sale at a certain mass retailer. After that, I've been playing for about 5 months and 1 day. It's the days of pulling in, pushing in, pushing up and down a ring controller or a ring controller, and winding a leg band around the thigh to run virtually.

I used to go to the gym for a long time, but I was not good at muscle training because I was only swimming and doing studio lessons. At first, I was not so attracted to the ring fit because of such training attributes.

In addition to the usual routines of getting up, brushing teeth, eating rice, and having a "ring", I bought Joy-Con, which is not cheap just for this game. [Before the reaction was getting worse]. That's because the ring fit looks like Nintendo, and it's really a game.

Exquisite fusion of fantasy RPG and training

Up until now, I've been far from muscle training because there is no "ending" there. Raise the barbell a fixed number of times each day, do squats, train your abs … I didn't have the mental strength to endure this endless discipline, and even if I did a little, I threw it out immediately.

However, ring fit is really a game from head to tail. It's a real fantasy RPG for Gachi that says, "Go on an adventure to save the world ruled by Dragon Dragon, the Dark Dragon." Move with a jogging movement while holding a ring con, and fight against demons with the skill called "skill" that incorporates elements of fitness and yoga movement. Moving muscles = saving the world, there is also a proper ending.

▲ Depending on the stage, you can say “almost only battle”. The amount of exercise per hour is efficient

And RPG is a "stacking" system. Repeat "battle" and "magic" commands, accumulate experience points and raise the level to acquire new skills. If you think about it, it means that the strength increases and the muscles that are not moving normally scream, but the joy of "accumulating" exceeds the difficulty. Isn't RPG the strongest system for inspiring a child with a peculiar taste like the author?

This wasn't the first game to move the body indoors, and I once fell in love with "Dance Dance Revolution" for the first PlayStation. However, the day after I took the steps of "PARANOiA", I was afraid of the reaction from the downstairs of the apartment. The RingFit has a "silent mode" that allows you to jog by bending and stretching, and you can understand the housing situation in Japan.
▲ Thank you for flexing and stretching your knees to regard it as "running," and the silent mode where the footsteps do not echo on the floor is appreciated.

Skillful skill map that can be trained evenly

Regarding RPG tailoring, not only tracing turn-based battles, but also acquiring skills using the modern skill tree-like "skill map" method. We pay a certain amount of skill points and coins for each level up, and each time we take one, we branch off and choose "This is next or this or this". In order to get the skill you are looking for, you have to take something that is not in the way.

Each skill has a range of attack and damage, and a type of arm / armor / leg / yoga. Among them, yoga skills are the best value. The "Tachiki pose" can be expected to have a large firepower in a boss battle [even though it is yoga, it is firepower]. The "Hero 3 pose", in which you stand on one foot and slowly defeat your upper body, is suitable for efficiently defeating 3 enemies.

Then, as we continue to develop using only yoga, the concept of "attribute" will appear. This means that monsters of the same color, such as armor = red and hara = yellow, will be multiplied by the damage, making it easier to work.
▲ If the foot [leg] is blue, it will cause great damage to enemies of the same color. On the other hand, non-attributed enemies are difficult to attack in any color, so it is troublesome.

After all, there is a desire to clear only the "game" called RPG, so if you want to win! And put a hand on the squat of "Ashi". Then, the Banzai squat of the same system also looks attractive … So I was taking the hardest mountain climber by all means.
▲ A skill map that allows you to take not only skills but also attack power +10, continuous action, and physical strength improvement. I haven't done it because I completed it …

If you're a gamer, you don't mind detouring for dozens of hours to pick up the strongest sword that can easily defeat the devil. A ring fit that causes contradictory behavior that you don't want to think as hard as you can, and that is why it's normal to hold your hands on the floor and pull your legs alternately to make your breathe. This is gamification [may be different].
▲ You can make smoothies with various effects such as physical strength recovery from materials that can be picked up on the course or bought at stores. Even if the main character in the game recovers, you can not get tired of the player

Is the ring a stalker of Drago?

The ring-fitting story is a simple and extremely simple story in which the protagonist who unleashes a dragon [drago] wearing a dark aura goes on an adventure journey together with a ring that looks exactly like Ringcon.

The world view is a bit like a heroic fantasy road, although it saves people who are forced to undergo unreasonable training almost everywhere they go and restores traffic by crushing the rocks blocking the road with their abs. .

However, there is something dense about the relationship between the ring and Drago. In the first place, Ring, who was a good friend who trained Drago who was mourning his poor body, contained Drago possessed by the dark aura [I think that training madness has not changed from being obsessed] because he is a friend. It is a relationship.

No matter what the protagonist [player] does on the road, the ring is a good guy who praises and encourages him, "I did it well!" It can be said that without a ring, hard training cannot be endured. I really want a trainer like this.
▲ Former boss who suddenly starts carp

As the freshness is impressed, the words "If you do not help Drago …" are hot and almost tenacious at the end of the words along the way. Can I just think about my friends all the time …?

Pretending that before, a certain boss battle. "If you want to stop you, I'll chase you indefinitely!" Ringo said, "Do you know? It's a stalker …". Oh, I guess. From there, the delusions progress and the muscles gain momentum.

And on the third lap, Master Fitness

The emergency was announced in April just around the middle of the second lap of the ring fit. Yes, this game has two or more laps.

Originally a freelance writer who writes manuscripts at home, it is a telework, so there is no particular impact on work. However, the gym I used to go to was closed and I was in a pinch of lack of exercise. Even though you lost 8kg over half a year, is it going to rebound now? That's right, double the momentum of the ring fit.

However, since the skill map has been completely completed, new training methods will no longer appear. You will get tired if you do not do anything other than "favorite things", "not hard" and "hard but focus on specific areas". To exercise twice, you can't like it.
▲ It is a long-lasting secret to change the skill set frequently. I'm looking forward to the hard Ushiro push

After all, when I tried wide squats, which I decided to never do after doing it, was there any? I was surprised to find that. While he was doing the other tricks on the course, such as "Jump stand where you can sunk your hips and increase the flight distance by squats", while your muscles were finished, you were equipped with capacity.

Then, on the second lap, the fantasy on the first lap turns into a story of "a seeker who is still muscular even after defeating the devil." Although it becomes a spoiler, Drago also acknowledges the main character and becomes a cooperative position like a trainer, and the line becomes gentle. The course and CG production are almost the same as the first lap, but Drago and Ring panicked each other's opposite taste … hero, are you in the way?

Due to various factors [Omitted], we have now reached Master Fitness on the third lap. The level has finally exceeded 300, and Nintendo, which has been built so that it can not be stunned, is out of the question. The Master 4 bosses who are middle bosses [already good friends] are amazed that they are "finished" or "are you still training?", But it doesn't end before the declaration of emergency is over.

However, the exercise intensity is already at MAX 30 and I can't raise it any further. I used to play while saying "I hope the stage will be cleared soon", but now I am full of thoughts, "What should I do when it's over? Don't end it."

Already, the limit that "a skill that you used once cannot be reused until the specified number of turns has passed" has been removed, and you can do as many mountain climbers as you want for 3 or 4 vertical. If you play only the hard ones, you should be able to extend the play time.

Still, the body gets used to it, and in the boss battle it is not intended for single attack, but for multiple attacks, capture with a skill binding with a small firepower per shot. Ah, if you step up, the damage won't pass! Drago, don't fall yet! Don't let me down … the villain's lines.
▲ "Today's exercise result" is displayed after the training. If you move it for 30 minutes with strength of 30

So, the current total play time is about 72 hours [it is "total time to move the body during training" not "time to start the game"], and the level is about 330. It seems like our ring-fitting road has just begun, but it's almost untouched by the "rhythm game" added in the March free update.

It's still hard to get a ring fit due to lack of items, but the fun and tiredness that the author, who dislikes muscle training, continued for about 5 months is genuine. May Ringcon make everyone healthy nationwide.

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