The beauty of Lamborghini Miura you notice again after running

After running Miura on the rolling road between Carmel Valley in California and Laguna Seca, he moved the stage around Lake Iseo, Italy. Either way, Miura was just as impressive as their location. It starts with its appearance.

It's not as intimidating as the supercar that Lamborghini sent out later, but it's gentle and beautiful. Compared to the modernist model after Miura, which emerged one after another from Sant'Agata, Miura is a classic and relaxed style that is truly a Gran Turismo style.
Sitting on a lie-down seat and sliding your foot into a knee space that is never tight, the driver is almost in a horizontal position. The dash other than the one around the instrument located in the center is low and wraps the driver under a spacious window screen. It feels like the driver is sitting just above the surface of the road. On the other hand, in the quick kun touch cockpit, it will be much longer than before.

The lever that operates the 5-speed gearbox in the midship gave a smooth shift feeling with a mechanical touch. The gear ratio is appropriate, and pulling with each gear causes the V12 to emit a strong habit across the rev counter. The steering feels more reliable than sharpness. In cornering, it shows a unique behavior of the mid engine as if turning the body around the driver's waist, but this is like driving a racing car just like the driver when the front engine was prime It would have made me feel a fresh surprise.

Miura is the first example of a mid-engine supercar, but the challenge is a success.

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