The best experience on the public road with the legendary racing machine Porsche 917!

The words “excitement” are not enough. Today we ride the 917. It runs legally on public roads without any racing suit or helmet. Although it is not possible to hold the steering wheel due to insurance, you will have an unforgettable experience even in the passenger seat. The owner, Claudio Roddarro, has taken the pain for the day. No matter how many people have been on the 917, whether on public roads or circuits. It's just a thousand chance!

In the history of the Porsche 917, only two vehicles were officially licensed for public road driving. Well-known is the one prepared for Count Gregorio Rossi di Monterera. The Earl became the first patron of the Porsche Works team in the 1970s as the owner of the brewing brand Martini e Rossi. If such a significant sponsor makes a modest wish about the car, the factory will take immediate action.

In 1974, in response to Earl Rossi's desire to drive on a real 917 on a public road, Porsche checked {inventory} and found a test car that had been unused and dusted since the end of 1972. That's chassis number 917-030. Only one race, Helmut Marco [a few days after Le Mans] and Gerard Larousse drove 1000km on Zeltweg, retired, but still tested ABS system in practice Was.

Rossi wanted the 917 as close as possible to a racing car, so Weissach minimized the modifications to make it more "practical". The only modifications were covering the muffler and cockpit with leather and carpet. It was also painted in a single silver gray color to make it familiar to the Earl's other collections. However, the use of a plain coat of color does not disturb the German certification body T フ V.

So Rossi registered the 917 in Alabama, USA [provided he did not drive in the state] and drove immediately from Stuttgart to Paris on 27 April 1975, when he was delivered. The 917-030 is still owned by the Rossi family. However, because of the time that has passed since you last registered in Texas, you can no longer drive on public roads under US law.

The second "917 for public roads is chassis number 917-021. It is now owned by Vincent Gay and participates in historic races with a hippie psychedelic pattern. The 021 fought in the 1970 season in AAW racing, after which the heart was transplanted to a 917 spider, where Kinnunen won the 1971 interserie.

The remaining original chassis and body were sold to Manfred Freisinger in 1972, and three years later Joachim Grossman bought it at the same price as the new 911. The carpenter Grossman haunted the rebuild, aiming only to obtain permission from T フ V for public road use. The license was obtained on June 3, 1977, and the license plate CW-K917 was obtained. However, the story of the second 917 for public roads ended here as the owner decided to return to the original racing car specification.

That's where the photo 917 comes in. The current owner, Claudio Roddarro, has been collecting Porsche for several years. The focus is on Porsche racing cars, including prototypes, preferably with a winning car if possible. For such collectors, the 917 is the ultimate 'Holy Grail', but rarely appears on the market. When 917-037 appeared on the specialist's website at the end of 2016, Claudio jumped at that opportunity.

Some people may get stuck on the number {037}. Looking at the various lists covering the 917, there are four spare chassis numbers that have gone unused, and 037 is one of them. By the way, 917-037 was entered at Le Mans in 1970 as Car No. 22 of the Ilwood / Hobbs pair, but the actual one used was 917-026.

Former works driver and historian Jurgen Bath explains: "037 is Bauer's last chassis. Bauer was commissioned to manufacture the 917 from 1969. The chassis was not numbered until the end. Bauer was buying it from the company. An employee sold in the 1990s and purchased via Marko Marinello [Eleven Parts, Zurich] by Carl Thompson of Hermosa Beach, California, where the presence of 917-037 became known. That's it. "

Thompson has been a race director for many years under the renowned Porsche dealer and team owner Basek Polak. In other words, he knew all about the 917. I assembled the obtained chassis and many factory spare parts. It includes a 12-cylinder engine with serial number 052.

The body was commissioned by California specialist Gunner Racing's Kevin Janet, who owned the mold. In April 2004, it was shown in white at the Rensport Reunion II in Daytona. 917-037 is truly paradoxical. It is the last 917 to be manufactured and has no racing history, let alone championship, but is probably more genuine than any 917.

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