"The best time to disseminate the value of the Olympics" Vice-Director Matsumaru

The Japan Olympic Museum in Tokyo, which is run by the Japan Olympic Committee [JOC], resumed business on the 23rd, after an interval of four months. It was closed from February 27 due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Kiichiro Matsumaru, who is also the Vice Chairman of the JOC, said, “I am very pleased to finally be able to reopen. It took some time to prevent the infection, but I had the specialists check it out and make preparations through trial and error. I prepared it."

Over half a year since the museum opened last fall, more than 300,000 people have visited the museum. When resuming, one group will be limited to 60 people as a complete reservation system divided by 30 minutes. We took precautionary measures such as checking the temperature of visitors, installing disinfectant solutions, and refusing to use sports experience facilities where tools are shared.

“This museum is a permanent facility to convey Olympism. Even in the world situation, there are various unstable times such as racism, national conflict, etc. I think that this is the best time to bring the value of the Olympics together, where people come together and compete fairly under one rule to contribute to international peace."

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