The body color is Lexus LS, headlights are HID, and each part is modernized Toyota MS105 Crown Turbo 3

In order to realize this plan, I acquired the 6th generation MS110 as a donor, removed the engine, mission, differential, computer, brake, etc. All the engine surroundings are OH.
In addition, the MS105 has been completely restored, including the body and interior that were noticeable.

However, while it seems to be genuine, it incorporates more modern updates, such as adopting Lexus LS body colors and HID headlights.

MS105 Crown Turbo completed with countless refinements such as M-turbo replacement, drivetrain, undercarriage, etc. I am able to enjoy stable running even at high speeds and entertain Ikeda.

There is an "M-TEU TURBO" stamp on the back of the tappet cover.

The engine around the turbo is also OH, and the ignition system is strengthened with a nology hot wire, so the engine is in good condition.

The drive system is for MS110 and a rear stabilizer is added.

Posted: Nostalgic Hero April 2011 issue vol.144 [All information in the article is current at the time of publication]
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