“The build the way to sell (2)”Nissan”Nissan Intelligent factory”is all

CASE “Connected(connected),Autonomous(Automated),Shared (sharing), Electric (electric)”towards,”production process and also the advancement to do”with the story. However, the CASE of the development of the production process on this is true that now also in a common platform,a power unit of aggregation, modular unit design and supply chain synchronization, such as responsive to the needs of the production system of course as if your.

【Previous】“The build who sells (1)”Nissan, the deficit falls to only reform the prospects of success?

Nissan has the production technology of the next generation of the concept as”the new intelligent factory”and determine that is was too late. Or 6 years ago however at the time,Toyota and Mazda like”management challenges the top”to have said.

That is, the”build to sell”that Nissan management is early know I should have.

Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi of 3 companies of the Alliance as to the contents of the respective duplicate technology development is performed, and common or late. Of course sales also overlap, and this time, 3 companies have cooperation, take the sales efforts of a waste without that.

But the basic is to”build people”, and”mixed production”,”order production””swing production”in the heading must be 3 companies in the Alliance of reality, but rather checks and balances as the position had become. Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of the merits and demerits of the essential part of 2 companies RAMA(the Renault-Nissan Alliance basic agreement)by checking the state placed in gold the former Chairman of the French government dominate control. Of Global Management, and 19 years, Nissan have 私物化 My Cause as well.

This spell by Apple, the former Chairman himself ousted in a current of 3 company Alliance though, just not good…….. This time of pandemic, the 3 companies under one management for the time being, and cooperate with the ride would and statement has been published.

However, I have Renault stand, the production and sales, etc., all of this cooperation for,escape not without can now is dedicated to would. It’s from the shareholding ratio of the advantage to have RAMA disable,1 the company acts as the fait accompli and to. After that, it is Renault’s largest shareholder, the authority of the French employment, contributing to the expansion plan.

Nissan, a so-called”Renault in Nelson for it”and look at you. It took off as Japanese firms as Japan’s job creation that will contribute to now,public funding, as even Nissan’s own activities, a system that will make it to you. However, it is desperate for the reality. Nissan of fate, but in the near future of the Japanese economy to the fate of these and pray not. Nissan injection means is not it?

2019 Year 11 month 28 days”the new intelligent factory”, with the announcement of 6 years before began to and told it was too late. Now,as it will be useless. “Cars are built to sell”from you. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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