“The build who sells (1)”Nissan, the deficit falls to only reform the prospects of success?

5 month 28 days,of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in 2019, the earnings announcement is made. 4 month 28 days of the publication of content and a difference of understanding, suffer from this,operating income for the full year 405 billion yen deficit as the current Nissan of the situation means and said numbers. Impairment loss 5,220 billion yen extraordinary loss recorded in the truly regrettable, but unavoidable decision.

【Here】Mazda, Honda, Nissan, survive it? (2) Wonders”Toyota sales down 1%・operating income down 1%”

The current crisis, Toyota・TNGA(Toyota New Global Architecture)system such as the Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi 3 companies in the Alliance have,in the short term”restructuring debt”can show that.

Restructuring and other charges 6030 billion yen to make, Nissan has been put to reality to find your need. Structural reforms to do, but it is Indonesia and Spain, the production base of the closure, South Korea and Russia to withdraw from the finger story to tell.

Restructuring and other charges and to call the mere withdrawal, and in the name of resistance to the expense, however, these production bases closure must state this policy to the cause you can do it. Then, this pandemic due to the damage corresponding to a normal hand stand is it too late to.

Namely, the Nissan is what you are trying to do,”what do you regret, and what to aim for?”, To look at it this destination could not be determined. It is 2019, and 11 on May 28 announced the next generation of automotive production technology concept”Nissan Intelligent factory”is the clue and the …

The synopsis of”electrification””intelligent”to suit the production process and also evolve as well, this is ostensibly a Declaration of a belated global trends to catch up with you and look. That,and the”build to sell”to the original business model centered on and should. However, before this movement to”site of work”and looking like a miserable.

Electronic control related parts assembled increases, the 10-year has already increased dramatically, and the cost account for the electronic control of the relationship costs are significantly increased. Technology development and the main position to get told that this is mistaken.

The person or thing to put the running of the mechanism, there must be manufacture and does not say. Toyota is already,in 2008 9 months since the Lehman shock TNGA, and upheld our efforts in that content. Mazda’s”Sky active technology”Toyota followed made thing.

That is, the”build to sell”only. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution lead to a very important concept.

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