The Canon of the buoyancy of the key to the medical business, the next step is?

Canon 11 on 1 November,”the Canon Group Medical business to strengthen the business restructuring”with the headline of the news release was delivered. In summary,”a growing industry which is medical business to strengthen—the year 2020 1 on 1 date in Canon Medical Systems [Canon City] Is Canon a subsidiary of Canon Life Care Solutions acquired all of the shares of—medical business in Canon City to 1 this reduction to”and.

【Here】Canon new growth phase can

I am 17 years 9 months 15 date University of Finance and Economics Newspapers and corporate industrial use”Canon is new growth phase can be”whether the articles you post. Content Mitarai He CEO in recent years”copier・printer・camera to stop at the stand of the management era is coming to an end.””what new earning pillars should continue to think,”and 16 years 12 months”betting for”Toshiba from 6655 billion yen for the huge investment of Toshiba Medical Systems [currently the Canon USA]were acquired. Medical business is a new Canon in the face of that, it is that.

But still a Canon is a predicament escape from the not be good…….. Before the 12 month period the 3. 1% of sales from”6.6%of sales, an increase of 4.5%of the final increase”. This year is the”1.3%fall in sales,5.2%operating profit, 5.0% final decline”and”do this”plan to stand up for.

But mid term disclosure, and the first 3 quarterly disclosure at the same time, a succession plan reduction. “8.3%of sales,45.2% of net sales and income declined year on year,44.6%of final decline”to. From the 3rd quarter results after the modification of the percentage achieved against the IS”73%,65%,66%”and,the landing is a further downside is concerned modalities.

Predicament around the 3rd quarter of the present,easily can be found. Sector by this condition just. Our quarterly financial results of the column headings is[againthedownside】

[I] for the office MFP: color machines increased, the monochrome machine’s sluggish performance, compared with the same period last year[hereinafter the same]decreased slightly.
[II] laser printer: a new product well in China such as the impact of the economic slowdown and monochrome machines in the doldrums reduction.
[III]camera market: mirrorless camera sales effort, the market[first time buyer market] shrink in the downturn continues.
[IV] inkjet printer: excluding Japan region,and in emerging markets reduced demand.
[V] medical equipment: domestic growth in addition to overseas, in Europe and other developed countries grew at a moderate pace and emerging countries is part of the strong performance from the sales.

That is, under extreme conditions, even”on”is the medical equipment field and are current. All of the”medical business field to further strengthen”with flow.

Canon Medical’s primary products are diagnostic imaging equipment and in vitro diagnostic device [CT・MRI・Ultrasound・X-ray equipment], and IT solution development and manufacturing. As the market is the world in over 150 countries&…….. download

Industry analysts”medical business for revenue trends that is obvious. Preferred financial structure[mid term point of the retained earnings is interest-bearing debt 8 times the strength], leveraging the new overseas M&A could head even higher”being. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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