“The capital increase=sales”of the uniform by the way we sense to the question

2 on 14 the date of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic version, in securities unit:二瓶 Satoru of”crumble”impairment buy” manufacturing 構造不況 wary of”interesting read. 14th Finance at Nippon Paint HD/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries/Nippon Electric Glass for”impairment losses”recorded in the companies,the Nikkei Stock Average is unchanged zone maintained in a substantially cheaper and the fact that focusing on”impairment is buy, as a rule of thumb is to crumble some noted that”the content of the article.

【Here】High(preferred)operating margin of companies will tell

Certainly Sony is in 2017(the film business)a huge amount of the impairment loss after the stock has upward turned. Japan Donald HD,Hitachi harm in”impairment loss=restructuring complete”and received the stock”bottomed・flip”was.

But 二瓶 Mr. Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute Kubota, Masayuki, Mr.”by this”restructuring completed”message and the difference of the most recent impairment of many management decisions the failure of needs”with the comment, citing a”(uniform)rule of thumb is to crumble some”have noted that.

Well I agree with you.

I have since established a strong sense rule of thumb”the capital increase is sales material”in question can be continued. Pointed out that”the capital increase EPS dilution of”lead to. It itself denies. But in 1973 joined Japan broadcast on short wave, medium wave in the early to the Kabuto club in charge to reporters,a senior from the”capital increase⇔expansion⇔buy”and taught.

And if an ocean lies between us I’ll send this to the teachings of the”uniform manner”is. But as well as”increase=sell”is also a uniform manner and can be,your company’s share price trends we are witnessing acutely aware of that.

The property market peak(TKP). Last 6 month 5920 yen, I would buy it for the price,the school at the time of creation 1000 yen cracked and since last year low level in the larger values down to. TKP’s business model is idle(unprofitable) real estate bulk to the rent on the unit,”meeting room””hotel Banquet halls/accompanied by a catering business,””coworking space”,”rental office”,”accommodation-type training facilities,”etc. of the deployment.

Working to reform and follow the wind of your previous”23.8% year on year,24.3%operating profit growth”to continue now the 2 month period”18.8% year on year,40.7%operating profit growth”in the rise,last year 6 month・8 month after another upward revision. But suddenly the corona virus scourge by the”use less”from 3 month 6 days, it was forced to make a downward revision. Business from taking into account the downward revision of the course. The decline in stock prices can also be convinced.

But TKP’s share price is down for last 10 months from. 428 million shares capital increase through public offering(10 months)/53 million shares of private placement(11 months)where opportunity was. 10 months from 11 months to nearly 10% below that. The increase in the share capital is”preferred stock repurchase,short-term loans payable repayment of devoted to”as. Further growth with a view to”business for the expansion of bolstering the funds for the acquisition”of a capital increase in which.

Of course the corona virus and the ominous Outlook is for sighting from above, TKP earnings/stock price reversal timing is not predictable. But the business model itself, the future of Japan should be the”business”taking into consideration the vital nature your.

TKP to favor even the edges out…… But in 2014 the stage of the rental conference room is all plasma cluster humidification air purifier (sharp development)the standard installation, and”dust・pollen reduction””viral suppression””fresh air”providing the figure that you have is aware that. And the”downward”from 5 days after this was announced. “All the meetings rooms in the antiseptic solution, the introduction, and thoroughly washed. Companies corona virus to hedge risks for a temporary office to distribute to cope with the increasing demand response to low rental office and rent out”.

Lower in the process, the IFIS target average:5,000 yen calculated as the analysts are all”bullish”attitude.

This article Back to. Capital increase=selling material as a rule of thumb the”uniform approach”to capture and to think how from. (Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at)

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