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The days of oxen ox this summer are Tuesday 21st July and Sunday 2nd August. In this season when the heat of the day is depriving you of your physical strength, I want to borrow eel power to get more done!

But it is.Would you like to make it too expensive?If you try to buy a domestic eel at a supermarket, it costs around 2,000 yen each. My family of five. It would be a terrible thing to try to get everyone together.

I want to teach such a person today.You can get it for 361 yen (excluding tax)Existence of eel…!

Eel-like, eel-free

The product name is "Growth Delicious Unajiro Long-lasting Pack". It is manufactured by Issho Kamaboko, a company that handles familiar kneaded products such as crab bite salad sticks and cheese sandwich rice paste.

Oops, I spoiled it first. That's right. In fact, Unajiro is a kneaded product made from fish meat! I am surprised that the eel extract is not used even though it is made exactly like the eel kabayaki.

The name "Fish Meat Products" that even feels sorrow

If you look at the back of the package, you can see that it is clearly identified.

Even on the surface, the roses are clean.
"*Made of fish paste."

"This product is not an eel."

When I look at a realistic photo that looks as if the eel was cut as it is, I'm even worried that I can humbly sing it, and I can sing the eel a little more.

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