The city of Kitakyushu space World traces, Aeon Mall Outlet Mall plan

By the end of 2017 to close was in Yahata Higashi Ward, Kitakyushu city, Higashida theme Park”space world”, on the site of Aeon Mall has opened to decide the gold core and to large-scale commercial facilities plan. Hiroshima the 2 places first that”the outlet”and the adjacent Aeon Mall Yahata Higashi and the sum of the gross leasable area is the Western Japan’s largest. The opening 2022 in the spring are planned.

【Here】Aeon Mall, a”smart・watch”for a trial domestic start

・The outlet covers an area of about 27 square meters. The total floor area of about 7 million, 5,000 square meters of building,about 6 million square meters of the tenant rent to the plan. Over 100 stores in the direction of, offsite, including about 4,000 units of the Parking plan.

On the premises is the city of Kitakyushu is a dilapidated children’s 文化科学館 to the relocation plans,the premises of 3% or more to food and sports, video experience incorporating the entertainment facilities and will not be. In addition to the cinema or skating rink, etc candidate going up.

To attract foreign tourists, with the aim of local Inns and craft shops to collect, in addition to the Aeon Mall Yahata Higashi in synergy with the local shopping, restaurant locations,years, 800 million more than the customers expected.

・The outlet and Aeon Mall Yahata Higashi deck to connect. The two facilities total floor area is about 16 square meters. Among them, the gross leasable area is 11 thousand square meters near to reach prospects. The Koshigaya city of Saitama Prefecture of Aeon Lake Town,City, Aeon Mall Makuhari new city on the scale of commercial facility.

The screen is long,Kitakyushu representative sightseeing spot of 1 and had,by the end of 2017 to closed their doors. Kitakyushu is the former city and commercial hub of the city, and be able to contribute to facilities about the content of the ion Mall and exchanged views about that. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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