The "color" of sports cars is not just color! Color effect of 911 Targa as an example

In sports cars, color is more than just "makeup." Show the character of the car clearly. The Porsche 911 Targa, which has established its individuality for half a century, is a good example. Here, I will introduce the color variations of Targa.

1st generation 911 (1967 – 1973): Lind Green (Special color)

The first 911 Targa was released in September 1965. Its subname is derived from the rollover protection system “Targaba”. Initially equipped with a removable vinyl rear window, it has been replaced with a stronger glass rear window since 1968.
Green is a color that indicates "functioning" or "permitted". It also means "no problem".

G-Series (1974 – 1989): Grand Prix White

In 1975, Targa's safety bar, which used to be silver, was changed to black. The removable roof is also inherited by the G series.
White is a collection of all colors when viewed physically. It is a perfect color that does not give a negative image. It represents light, an ideal, and is an auspicious color.

964 (1990 – 1993): Black

With the 964 model that appeared in 1989, Targa was equipped with a 4WD system for the first time.
Black is a color that many designers want to use. Because black blends well into the background, emphasizing the function and form of a sports car.

993 (1996 – 1998): Arctic Silver (Special Color)

The Targa based on the 993 model appeared in 1995 as the fourth generation Targa. It has a large panoramic glass roof that can be opened and closed electrically.
Silver is the ideal color for sports cars. It gives lightness, freedom, speed and transparency while giving it a cool, humble image.

996 (2002 – 2004): Guards Red

In 2001, the Targa model was introduced to the 996 type, where the engine was water-cooled for the first time. It was equipped with a sliding rear window.
Red is a color that calls attention in a good sense. At the same time, it is the color of love and passion. It is reminiscent of fire, but it is also the color of blood, and in that sense it can be said to be the color that embodies life.

997 (2006 – 2012): Cobalt Blue (Special Color)

The 997 series Targa that appeared after 2006 was equipped with a 4WD system. The glass roof is equipped with a sunshade.
Blue is a color that represents “far” and symbolizes the positive image of the fantasy world. It is also a color that embodies harmony, trust and trust.

991 (since 2014): Racing Yellow

In January 2014, the Targa 991 came out. It has a traditional soft top and a fixed rollover, and the roof opening and closing is fully electric.
Yellow expresses the sun and light. Yellow is a warm color that represents optimism and the joy of life.

Various colors
First generation 911 (1967–1973)
Aga Blue, Black, Slate Gray, Polo Red, Irish Green, Bahamas Yellow, Light Ivory, Golf Blue, Sand

G series (1974–1989)
Grand Prix White, Yellow Green, Mexico Blue, Peru Red, Cockney Brown, Sahara Beige, Orange, Guards Red, Light Yellow

964 (1990–1993)
Dark Blue, Murano Green, Guards Red, Grand Prix White, Apricot Beige, Black

993 (1996–1998)
Midnight Blue Metallic, Aventurine Green Metallic, Slate Gray Metallic, Black Metallic, Black, Guards Red, Grand Prix White, Riviera Blue, Amaranth Violet, Speed ​​Yellow, Polar Silver Metallic, Iris Blue Metallic

996 (2002–2004)
Palladium Metallic, Black Metallic, Arctic Silver Metallic, Turquoise Metallic, Arena Red Metallic, Vesuvio Metallic, Guards Red, Pastel Yellow, Snow White, Ocean Blue Metallic, Zenith Blue Metallic, Black

997 (2006–2012)
Lapis Blue Metallic, Seal Gray Metallic, Carmon Red Metallic, Atlas Gray Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Lagoon Green Metallic, Guards Red, Carrera White, Speed ​​Yellow, Basolute Black Metallic, Arctic Silver Metallic, Black

991 (2014-)
Agate gray metallic, anthracite brown metallic, dark blue metallic, ruby ​​red metallic, aqua blue metallic, basalt to black metallic, racing yellow, guards red, black, platinum silver metallic, carrera white

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