The consumption tax hike is more than expected from the auto sales recovery in the long-term growth rate decline?

In Japan, Automobile Sales in 2019, 10 month, 11 month and 2 months of consecutive 2-digit decrease. Typhoon damage and new effects, and sometimes the social situation or the manufacturer of the circumstances of the consumption tax hike before the surge in demand consideration even surpass it, lower the width in the the fall is terrible seems. “Tax withdraw at all!!!” And of voice you have.

【Here】Toyota Corolla,11 years on top! The world sales volume year No. 1 record and peace

9 months of total sales compared to the same month the previous year 12. 9% increase in demand is apparent, however,10 months of new car sales, the total sales volume of the 24. 9%, a decrease of 31 million 4784 units, lower width is many experts ‘ forecasts exceeded. Manufacturers a different look than the fall width was small Mazda even,the 10. 5% decrease to 2, and decreased. Mazda Mazda 3,CX-30 and the new car was having, despite the significant decline in sales as well.

11 month by the total number of the 12. 7%, a decrease of 38 million 5859 units,10 month will continue to 2 months of continued negative recorded. “Corolla”,”size”such as new models, there is an effect that Toyota has the same 7. 8% from a relatively depressed were less other domestic passenger cars brand up to 2 and decreased in many of you. Lexus is the same 20. 6%, an increase of compact SUV”Rocky”Daihatsu is 2. 2 times the fare, but other brands across the Board was negative.

Economic experts,government, etc than we had expected a big fall as a reaction to the consumption tax hike, the policy’s errors and only a professional might. Consumption tax, goods tax, and trade friction in raising tariffs as well as consumption cold as is only natural. Fall and recover, in the subsequent average growth rate this is known. This is”0.2%”growth estimated by experts to.

Tax, national to the”wider and shallower”to collect taxes, and”progressive taxation elements of the retreat”have. “Excise tax”enacted before”Excise”and the system was there. This is a”luxury goods tax on that,”said the spirit, and”higher income from the levy”and a”progressive tax”mentality there. That is, revenues if there are many”high tax”and the low-income from a”small levy”to system.

The government has this kind of”progressive taxation”of the idea to abolish the direction of”high investment, desire to avoid losing”sensitive to thinking. But this”gap”to expand, the overall market activity to inhibit try. And,”rich people”the economy itself has done this.

This”tax”abolished, again”excise tax”, which can last consumption on the market and there is a way of thinking that seems. Malaysia made in the tax system revision in this direction,advanced consumption activity to revive that.

Originally, the capitalist economy is basically inequality must not be maintained in the system, and globalization is advancing, and the”new capitalism”called direction and can not be maintained. However, Africa has developed only if one is emerging markets and the global economy is saturated as. This from half a century in the”capitalist”alternative to the”new economic system”figured out and the world is distressed and confused to look. That is, World War also get a state that.

“Global warming is ahead?”, “Collapse of capitalism ahead?” And said where. The humanity, the wisdom of most of MT. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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