The consumption tax increase, food and beverage related mainly savings-oriented, high voice of a delayed recovery, prolonged from

The global economy of the stall received a recession are concerned. Last year 10 months of the consumption tax increase initially and scaled pull the money from and there was a voice, but the economic recovery is domestic demand-led having an employment stability that their impact is minor the view that the majority was. But 10 months later of bad weather by the tax impact of the long tail, pull seems.

14, the Cabinet Office”Regional Economic 2019″published. According to the report, last year 10 month of the consumption tax hike, the impact of the sales form to another, but have differences for different regions is a political like.

Department store sales about in 2019 from,most in the region of 7 months below the previous year’s level changes,the end of the rainy season is 7 by the end of the delay when the temperature rises from the summer sales slump was the factor used. 8 months later the temperature is rising-summer goods is sold out and the consumption tax increase before goods and cosmetics, etc., centered on demand from 9 February until the year-on-year performance was. However, 10 months, mainly due to the decline in demand following the front-loaded increase and the Typhoon and heavy rain reduced the sales impact of last year’s results were much lower than that. Notable is,Chinese tourists inbound consumption Kinki in Department store sales of upheaval have contributed to this.

Super sales food and beverage to the applicable withholding tax rate is applied for May Department stores as compared to tax impact was insignificant so,10 months in Department stores as well as typhoons and heavy rain to the impact of the rise in demand also lower than the previous year result. Convenience store sales but the amount, the main product of the food and beverage rates are subject to and cashless payment point of reducing the business support and tax shock is small and was.

The economy watchers survey from the analysis of the DI of the recovery degree of the previous 14 years in the tax rate raised from 2 month after 6 month 9. 5 point rise, whereas this time 12 months to 3. 1 point and decrease in width for a 3 percent rise in half. This is the global economic slowdown and 12 months of mild winter, etc. household trends and industry developments business confidence in the impact of the consumption tax increase in itself of the impact and the report is analyzing.

However, watchers of the comments from the analysis is,eating about the year-end party as well as a decrease in savings consciousness to point out the voice again,”the consumption tax rate increase by the consumption to refrain from movement food related out in May,”the report notes. In the future, a new coronavirus is the impact of inbound related mainly to the consumption slump is protracted also of concern. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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