The country town of Kenya where a curfew is also issued is now / Masai News: No. 362

spa!Perka. Masai warrior Luka. Now, the world is united in fighting Corona. So is Japan and Kenya. Don't be afraid to do your best.

By the way, I heard from Japan that a declaration of emergency was issued in Japan. You're out of control. On the other hand,In Kenya, where I live, a curfew was imposed since the end of last month. However, it's from 7pm to 5am.In the meantime, during the day, I went to the closest rural towns from my village, "Reutokitoku" and "Kimana".

・ It's not an unnecessary emergency

First of all, I went to the town of Leuktokitok because I received the manuscript fee.Such a storeBut there is Japanese go-goers also seem to have had trouble remitting my manuscript fees, as travel agencies that they always use for overseas remittances have become self-restraining. I didn't.

First, the number of passengers on the shared bus was so small that they were surprised.I've never experienced that there are only three people on the bus. By the way, it is always full. Absolutely full. Three people are unheard of.

After that, Reutokitoku is a town on the border with Tanzania,In Immigration, some checked for corona.Of course there was also a hand washing place, so I washed my hands.

The state of Kimana town, yes, was more quiet than usual. By the way, no one was wearing a mask. I have no choice but to sell it.

By the way, I can't go to the capital Nairobi or Mombasa right now. Conversely, people from Nairobi and Mombasa cannot come to Amboseli.It seems that restricting the range of movement prevents the spread of infection.Let's be careful with each other. I've been patient for a while. Good luck. Oreseri!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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