The day before moved brand name part1 Japanese KFC,PCNET,Nippon Koei, etc

*07:15JST the day before moved brand name part1 Japanese KFC,PCNET,Nippon Koei, etc
Brand name name<コード>6 closing⇒the day before ratio

The computer system<3630> 3060 +45
The smartphone app payment services”PayPay invoice payment”service started handling.

Japan KFC<9873> 3265 +220
11 month same-store sales increased 17. 6% and 12 consecutive months of growth.

PCNET<3021> 1347 +100
Administration of document storage HDD is resold outflow of coverage
PC disposal and data destruction to the company on speculation.

Nippon Koei<1954> 3660 +305
The government’s new economic measures approved by the Cabinet just ransacked ahead of the corner.

Kimura kakoki<6378> 723 +66
Abundant material properties and initiatives encourage and reward such as short-term funds interest continues.

My Internet<3928> 654 +63
Oracle’s cloud services by adopting cost reduction is transmitted.

Online Holdings<3031> 838 +69
The first half of the strong result announced positive view.

Ortho plus<3672> 1107 +150
“Path Mike”the anticipation of the continuation form.

Nakayama steel works<5408> 532 +37
Nippon Steel’s stock in the subsidiary, as the buy spread.

Eisai<4523> 8248 +453
Alzheimer’s dementia drugs test data to the positive view of the devices is significantly high.

Tree<5943> 1512 +86
Earnings revised upward in the decrease of the width is reduced to.

Sign post<3996> 2749 +152
Unattended convenience of deployment to expect the spread of the movement continues.

T<1813> 1684 +63
The government’s economic policy has received construction stocks higher.

Nippon Denko<5563> 181 +6
Steel shares rise in low-level related stocks as ransacked as well.

Nichicon<6996> 1158 -74
CB issued by future dilution to a wary view.

Shinto paint<4615> 219 -13
Group restructuring speculation, such as 5 days significantly high.

Kamakura Shinsho<6184> 1820 -105
5 day from the High area in the profit-taking selling pressure is increasing to expand.

Shinko electric industry<6967> 1200 -50
The Fujitsu Group restructuring expectations in the most recent rise of the recoil also.

Round one<4680> 1078 -36
11 monthly trend to dislike it. 《FA》

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