The day before moved brand name part1 Otsuka furniture, OI electric, Otani industries such as

*07:15JST the day before moved brand name part1 Otsuka furniture, OI electric, Otani industries such as
Brand name name<コード>12 day closing price⇒the day before ratio
Otsuka furniture<8186> 212 +50
Yamada Denki<9831>By a subsidiary media buying in the material plan view.

OHI electric<6822> 3490 +465
5G related brand name and ransacked government. form.

Project<6323> 4195 +370
Rice SOX index significantly due to the rise in semiconductor-related across the Board increase of not ransacked concentration.

Otani Kogyo<5939> 10050 +1500
No pillar of speculation from buying the material viewed from.

Tomoe Corporation<1921> 488 +58
Steel towers for electric power-related downloads: the trend of riding.

KDS<6962> 1809 +181
5G as relevant for future business expansion is expected to continue.

System Holdings<3393> 715 +15
AR-related stocks as the day before from popularity reduction is followed.

Disco<6146> 24700 +1110
Rice SOX index highs update in the semiconductor-related ransacked for.

SUMCO<3436> 1835 +59
Semiconductor-related as part of the interest increase.

Double・scope<6619> 923 +43
12 days is short covering the dominant flow of being.

Advantest<6857> 5530 +150
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment-related 一斉高 the flow of riding.

Capcom<9697> 2909 +112
The new title of the release announcement to continue material plan view.

Tokyo Electron<8035> 23515 +1090
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market Outlook for a turnaround in the prospects from the upper limit up to continue.

TV Asahi Holdings<9409> 2129 +102
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. is a new Buy recommendation.

Business<6723> 747+26
Semiconductor-related as part of the bought to expand.

Sanwa Holdings<5929> 1278 +34
New material not observed it is disaster-related and ransacked from.

You<9768> 3180 -275
Immediate upper limit to reach the feeling from the profit-taking sales came to gather.

Last decade<3134> 1279 -115
Revised width limited out feeling is in the ascendant.

Kimura kakoki<6378> 676 -38
Trading regulations by closing out the selling pressure intensify. 《FA》

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