The day before moved brand name part2 air water,Taiyo basis industrial SYS holdings such as

*07:32JST the day before moved brand name part2 air water,Taiyo basis industrial SYS holdings such as
Brand name name<コード>11 day closing price⇒the day before ratio

Internet marketing<6175> 968 -41
The 25th line interrupts seen in the peddle got the upper hand.

Round one<4680> 1067 -47
Jefferies securities in the investment decision to downgrade observations.

Akebono brake industry<7238> 233 -9
Return to the dull 10 days raised minutes there are even those who interchange the two thinking they are the same shape.

Nichicon<6996> 1129 -50
Return to the dull look peddle pressure..

Air water<4088> 1635 +25
Capital increase through public offering of the delivery to greet the future supply and demand improvement expected.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group<8306> 581.7 -5.1
Us long-term interest rates rise also 11 days Mega is generally cheaper.

InSpec<6656> 2162 +193
New business expectations continue looking.

Gig network<2375> 2035 +168
5G related stocks as the popularity of continues shape.

Large industrial<1844> 263 -17
Earnings revised upward a week at the beginning of the surge of the recoil is stronger.

Asian・Pharma<4597> 200+50
My host company and SP-04 for Japan and exclusive sales license agreement.

Test Post Holdings<2751> 2325 +77
20 years 4 year on year operating income of the traditional expectations of 21. 62 billion yen from 23. 35 billion yen revised upward.

Roadster capital<3482> 1124 +138
19 years and 12 months ended other operating income 31. 37 billion yen from 36. 15 billion yen revised upward, dividends also increase.

SYS Holdings<3988> 1586 +300
20 years 7 1st quarter operating income year on year of about 5. 9 times 0. 88 billion yen in land.

Taiyo Foundation industry<1758> 6560 +1000
National Resilience-related as part of the interest.

Lawyers dot com<6027> 5690 +10
“Cloud services, online Sales Automation”offers start.

Amateur girl website<3070> 373 -28
The 3rd quarter is 0. 99 billion yen operating loss in the land,11 on monthly sales also decreased by 9. 9% decrease.

Fit<1436> 720 +34
Canadian companies 2 companies in Japan with super streamline construction projects
We formed a partnership to.

ALiNK Internet<7077> 4665 –
10 days to the Mothers market listing, the public price of about 2. 4 times the 4020 yen in the opening form.

Primary care<4479> 2980 –
11 November on the Mothers market listing, a published price to 74. 8%above the 2710 yen in the opening form. 《FA》

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