The day before moved brand name part2 Daiichi Sankyo,dual tap, broadband security, etc.

*07:32JST the day before moved brand name part2 Daiichi Sankyo,dual tap, broadband security, etc.
Brand name name<コード>14 closing⇒the day before ratio
T<1813> 1319 -103
13 days after the Grown of the recoil.

Ricoh<7752> 708 -59
Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd. is target price lowered.

Takeuchi MFG.<6432> 1625 -120
13 day of the rising in return a halt, too.

Personal holdings<2181> 1250 -92
Rebound cycle I in the 13th rebound dominant.

Sony<6758> 6794 -275
The previous period performance is the downside to land back to the seller upfront.

Rakuten<4755> 969 -32
The 2nd quarter of the corona to the influence of the intensity to watch the confrontation.

Daiichi Sankyo<4568> 8489 +378
Highs update in buy-back pressure, etc also become stronger.

Square Enix Holdings<9684> 4720 -230
Current fiscal year earnings guidance to non-disclosure negative view also.

Dual tap<3469> 464 +80
The 3rd quarter ordinary income full-year plan and the excess to.

Daiwa<8247> 275 +34
The majority of the region’s emergency Declaration to cancel your clue.

恵和<4251> 1456 +91
The 1st quarter performance of the high rate of progress to good.

Area quest<8912> 110 +17
Full-year 業績下方修正 also unfavorable out feel.

Short block engine<9969> 292 -54
The previous year the final 益下 swing such as to anaerobic.

Fuji soft Service Bureau<6188> 334 -46
We Real greatly decrease the prospect of minus vision.

Broadband security<4398> 1952+400
The 3rd quarter operating profit year over year of approximately 4 times and in the best condition,
The first dividend of 10 yen in evaluating the level of review to.

Care Net<2150> 1010 +150
The 1st quarter operating profit compared with the same period last year 52. 8%, an increase of 1. 89 billion yen the first half of the plan is exceeded.

Hightex<3131> 1116 +150
21 years and 3 months ended operating profit Outlook year on year to 47. 1% increase of 7. 30 billion yen.

Fujisan magazine service<3138> 1050+150
The 1st quarter’s operating income year on year of about 2. 4 times 1. 04 billion yen for land.

The peer<6095> 2199 +400
Physician recruitment starting a business and MHA Inc. and Business Alliance about the announcement.
First-half operating profit compared with the same period last year 46. 6%, an increase of 4. 84 billion yen in land.

Home<6195> 2222+400
Non-disclosure was 20 years and 6 months of operating income forecast is 8. 50 billion yen~9.50 billion and made public.

Reverse eletech<6666> 434+80
In the previous fiscal year downside came to 21 years and 3 months period to assess the prospects for movement.

Club<9272> 1678+300
Previous period land and this fiscal year Outlook to the material plan view.

Broadband tower<3776> 198 -44
20 years 12 months ended operating income Outlook to a reversal to deficit reduction.

Application Application Group<8909> 811 -76
A substantial income for the 1st quarter of the anaerobic. 《FA》

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