The day before moved brand name part2 Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., ORIX,Pharma, food etc

*07:32JST the day before moved brand name part2 Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., ORIX,Pharma, food etc
Brand name name<コード>4 day closing price⇒the day before ratio
Camp Bow<3109> 1280 -70
Mask-related stocks in General look to peddle predominant deployment.

JMS<7702> 896 -31
Antivirus related of late as the last crowded also.

Maruha Nichiro<1333> 2532 -116
Full-year earnings forecasts downward.

Unitika<3103> 368 -23
The mask associated with the temporary surge of the recoil continues.

Vision<9416> 1409 -45
Purchases on margin to sales on how to close sales continued to be dominant.

Showa electric wire Holdings<5805> 1315 -58
Full-year earnings revised upward in buy Outlook after the out feeling.

Shionogi & Co., Ltd.<4507> 6380 -134
3 days and trading hours during the downward revision.

Murata Manufacturing<6981> 6516 +267
10-12 months ended financial results only bottomed out the expected further increase deployment.

Laser tech<6920> 5410 -100
Performance・orders on the wave is also out I have the upper hand.

Komatsu<6301> 2389 -28.5
U.S. Caterpillar stock prices also impact.

ORIX<8591> 1926.5 +86.5
The top of related to intangible assets on favorable performance trends continued.

Pharma food<2929> 989 +150
Medicated hair growth tonic”new model”for the periodic customer, the number is 7. 5 million, topped the and.

Browser test<6721> 218 +16
Taiwan enterprises and capital to the 4 November announcement that.

NCS & A<9709> 760 +100
Full-year earnings upward revision and dividend increase announcement.

Shinnai out of cotton<3125> 1109-400
Soared for the mask related to the disposal of a selling stampede.

Kawamoto industrial<3604> 2395-700
Central bought Antivirus related stocks as a rebound to sell strong.

Showa chemical industry<4990> 943-300
3 days buy Outlook after rapid growth in the trouble to.

Manac<4364> 1114 -400
Antivirus related material strain is 一斉安 of flow.

Azare system<3161> 1038 -300
Antivirus related stock prices to the flow of pressed.

Guy chemical industry<4120> 1863 -500
Antivirus related as the day before the retrograde was higher there.

Jay the<3446> 3520 +330
Domestic companies from the quartz crystal wafer processing systems of large order[the amount is 2. 3 billion yen].

Japan living warranty<7320> 1543 +135
20 year 6 month period of first half forecasts upward,operating income 1. 17 billion yen from 1. 55 billion yen.

Without the fuss<2477> 6460 +600
20 year 6 month period of first-half operating profit compared with the same period last year 50%, an increase of 6. 01 billion yen.

The<4800> 1316 -204
10-12 months ended financial results of the contents received anticipations flaking.

Lawyers dot com<6027> 4660 +170
Contract management system,”Holmes cloud”to provide Holmes and the partnership.

Japan antenna<6930> 1027 -92
20 years and 3 months 3rd quarter operating profit compared with the same period last year 51. 9%, a decrease of 2. 95 billion yen in land.

BUYSELL<7685> 3155 +75
Tax returns・advice, guidance and inheritance support to expand the BSP tax Corporation and Business Alliance.

Phoenix bio<6190> 907 +102
3 days followed by Bio shares a corner of the inflows.

AmidAHD<7671> 1399 +300
2nd quarter continue to evaluate the flow.

The<7564> 8720 -240
1 month of same-store sales increased 21. 1% increase,light winter clothing, such as well may from the previous month, growth slowed to anaerobic. 《FA》

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