The day before moved brand name part2 Shannon, frontier I, the company, etc

*07:32JST the day before moved brand name part2 Shannon, frontier I, the company, etc
Brand name name<コード>13 day closing price⇒the day before ratio
Mega chips<6875> 1984 -289
Business transfer, such as by the impact of profit expectations downward.

The pin<3179> 1140 -98
Highs speaking in the profit of the subject.

App mobile<6535> 651 -51
The 1st quarter greatly decrease earnings anaerobic.

Noritsu Koki<7744> 1794 -110
A subsidiary of the listed ahead of the closing out sale is dominant.

From sushi<2695> 4870 -210
The previous year’s 2 percent sales decline to a negative view to.

Link address motivation<2170> 659 -36
Especially the material is not economic sensitive stocks to a shift of funds back to the seller also.

Download Lucia Holdings<3141> 6430 -170
List of the of reduction such as the weight from.

Asahi intecc<7747> 3080 -65
Overseas sales establishment, such as to convey a positive reaction in……

I<3679> 528 -17
12 is part of the target price lowered for observation.

Retailing<9983> 67280 +2830
The Nikkei average to rise very high to form.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group<8306> 595.7 +15.6
Us long-term interest rates increase to 13 members strong.

Tokyo Electron<8035> 24895 +1380
Rice SOX index more high, such as in semiconductor-related stocks is the upper limit up.

The center<7065> 2310 +195
Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd. is a new Buy recommendation and.

Flights Holdings<3753> 943 -88
Next year’s performance slowing observed minus written.

Shannon<3976> 2075 +400
20 years 10 year on year and operating income forecasts year on year 36. 4%, an increase of 0. 50 billion yen.

DWTI<4576> 511+80
Rohto Pharmaceutical and ophthalmic therapeutic agent”DW-1001″of the license agreement,
A lump sum received in the previous month.

On the list<4588> 1964 +37
The design of the license contract in the 1st milestone achieved,
Chugai drugs from 5 billion yen receipt.

Frontier I<7050> 2860 +500
20 years, 4 months, 2nd Quarter, Fiscal Year of operating profit compared with the same period last year 27. 1%, an increase of 6. 84 billion yen.

Otsuka furniture<8186> 292+80
Yamada Denki capital tie-up with the announcement,about 43 billion yen as the result of a capital increase via third-party allotment of shares implemented a subsidiary to.

Nuflare<6256> 13330 +1400
HOYA is 1 share 1 million 2900 yen in TOB[takeover bid]to
Announced that this is speculation also.

Senko logistics<9051> 914 +150
Fuji digital tech holdings and Itochu announces capital and business Alliance with other material to continue the evaluation.

Sailor ad<2156> 382 +80
Short-term funds towards the interest of that.

Delivery Museum<2484> 1044 -30
The Asahi Shimbun and Business Alliance Agreement 20 years 6 months 14 days to be resolved and released.

Primary care<4479> 3630 +150
Supply good the most recent IPO-related one as ransacked as well. 《FA》

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