The day before moved brand name part2 Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Anritsu,NexTone, etc

*07:32JST the day before moved brand name part2 Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Anritsu,NexTone, etc
Brand name name<コード>28 day closing price⇒the day before ratio
Kotobuki spirits<2222> 4170 -190
Inbound due to a decrease in performance leading to concerns about the Continues.

Organic synthesis pharmaceutical products industry<4531> 431 -26
Daily stock prices climbed sharply in the overheat alarm also become stronger.

Faiz Holdings<9325> 1165 -61
The upper limit of the weight conscious in the profit-taking sales, too.

Mitani Sangyo<8285> 387 -11
Address Vigan drug consignment received 27 October are significantly higher.

Vector<6058> 703 -27
Purchases on margin to sales on how to return the seller the upper hand.

Ebook initiative Japan<3658> 2184 -103
Strong result only 27 days to the fast of rebound.

Kao<4452> 8473 -291
The closing event limited and out feeling the upper hand.

Lawson<2651> 5570 -220
Credit Suisse Securities and Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd. is the investment judgment downgraded.

Shionogi & Co., Ltd.<4507> 6001 +211
The new corona virus infection, development of vaccines and determine and.

Taiyo Yuden<6976> 2940 +74
Operating income reduction of the width is expected than a small on.

Anritsu<6754> 2189 +24
Earnings guidance has received a sense of security prevails in the.

Daiichi Sankyo<4568> 7378 -109
This year a substantial decrease of Prospect minus the view movement to continue.

Panasonic<6752> 797.1 +23.5
The sales forecast is revised downward also, operating income is deferred in the sense of security.

Teraoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd.<4987> 365 +34
Earnings estimates revised upward.

Kawamoto industrial<3604> 1385 -96
Popular discrete in the direction of watch the peddle pressed.

Ice Data<2345> 1142 -121
The artist shares business group from the acquisition.

Money forward<3994> 5200 +30
Domestic securities in the investment decisions of a downgrade observation.

HMT<6090> 732+100
Angers and Univ’s
The new corona virus infection for DNA vaccine development participation.

List・of-the・Matrix<7777> 396 +80
Prometheus Bio Inc. in cooperation with the Japan a new type of corona virus antibody test kit development.

Lawyers dot com<6027> 7080 -280
Web complete cloud services”cloud service”is
4 months introduction the number of companies with 8 million company to break through.

The tech<6662> 213 -9
5G use of co-creation activities in construction site safety improvement demonstration experiment was carried out and presented.

Japan Kogyo<5279> 675 -58
20 years and 3 months ending full-year forecast upward revision received 27 October is fast-growing in 28-day profit-taking prevails.

NexTone<7094> 5390 +700
Such as the company, recent IPO stocks of a corner in the inflow of funds continues.

Environmental Management Center<4657> 562 +80
Performance evaluation of motion is continued.

Link back<6046> 268 +46
Matchmaking-related stocks ransacked spotted.

The<3558> 1019 -41
The most recent skyrocket to profit on the movement of. 《FA》

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