The decline in oil prices, market impact

●3 months from the continuing fall in oil prices

The new corona virus infection by the expansion of the economic downturn concerns,stock market volatility, while oil prices also fell sharply, the US stock market has a big influence on that.

【Here】Shock quotes on strong!? Nikkei double point

The decline in crude oil prices,the oil companies industry the specific gravity of the large accounting for the United States, and the export of oil in the economy, Russia, the Middle East and other countries and is a life-and-death matter for that.

Oil-Producing Countries-production in order to Finance the cost shares to sell and there is also a view that crude oil prices will reduce costs and contribute to a market to of is called.

●Crude oil falling background

This time, the fall in oil prices, the cause of the one is a new type of coronavirus infection by increasing global oil demand for however, that Saudi Arabia and other OPEC[organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries] member countries and non-accession of Russia and coordination of production system will collapse, and that spurred.

3 early on, Saudi Arabia and Russia 3 at the end of the month deadline is approaching for the coordinated production cuts to continue negotiations, but Russia refused. The two countries in 2017 1 month from the coordination and production of all……

交渉決裂, the impact of oil prices a guide to the WTI futures prices for the first time this year in 1 barrel=60 dollars more than I was 3 months in 3 minutes 1 less than 20 dollars below and there was. 4 in mid-May,1 barrel= $ 20 and there remained.

The United States playing the President is”the coordinated production cuts if oil imports to tariff imposing”and said,put pressure. And 4 months 9 days,and the world supply of about 1 percent per day amount of 1 million barrels to coordinated production cuts can be agreed.

●Japan the impact of

Crude oil imports to Japan, the decline in crude oil prices is a benefit to the surface is large. Petroleum products typical of the gasoline, 3 May 9, from 4 until 13 May to 1 liter 14 yen fell. Retail price and from the terminal, but the decline in crude oil prices to the General consumer, the factory and the operator to reduce costs is to make a significant contribution.

However, the current voluntary restraint in the car, even the factory also economic movements without the benefit is less. The decline in crude oil prices due to the global economic downturn of the disadvantages of cost, decrease of benefits over time. [Articles:forest 泰隆・The article list to look at]

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