The dentist is charged with taking the patient's teeth on the hoverboard


The dentist is charged with taking the patient's teeth on the hoverboard


American medical assistance that calms patients unnecessarilyMedicaidAlaska dentist, who was charged with fraudulently claiming,Hover boardThe patient's teeth were pulled out while riding. "

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Prosecutors say Alaska dentist rode hoverboard at procedure

Dentist who rode hoverboard while pulling tooth faces patient in court | Ars Technica

In July 2016, Dr. Seth Lookhart, an Alaskan dentist, took a picture of a patient pulling a tooth while riding a balance scooter called a hoverboard. You can see from the following movie how Dr. Lookhart is actually treating while riding on the hoverboard.

"It's crazy!"-Patient of "hoverboard dentist" testifies in court

Dr. Lookhart pulls out the patient's teeth …

Just go out on the passage with the hover board and take a picture of the glove that was worn off.

During the treatment, Veronica Wilhelm, a female patient in the movie, was not informed that Dr. Lookhart was on the hoverboard or that she was filmed in the movie. Wilhelm said in the court, “You may have been a very good dentist. I am not complaining about my teeth being pulled out and I am grateful. It ’s not possible, and it ’s narcissistic and ridiculous. ” Wilhelm also expressed anger that his son was unnecessarily calmed down by regular dental cleaning.

HoverboardItem called "Mini Segway"It is very popular in the United States, but in 2016 the US Consumer Product Safety CommissionRecall targetAnd a girl who fell from the hoverboardKilled by a busCause fireBurn down a million dollar mansion (about 100 million yen)Many problems have been pointed out.

At the trial, Dr. Look Stock's lawyer, Paul Stockler, apologized, "It was completely stupid to use hoverboard during treatment," "I have not been prosecuted," he countered that he would be punished for using the hoverboard. Dr. Lookhart has been charged with several medical assistance scams and illegal dentistry, and in 2017, the dentist was exempted from exemption.

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