The deployment of PPIH,global manufacturing, sales, and consistently establishing in net sales of 3 trillion yen to the challenge

Pan・Pacific International Holdings [hereinafter, PPIH]is the Tokai area, centered around the tavern chain”from Red”was supervised by”black ramen”, and 3 on May 24 in the nation was launched.

【Here】Shimadzu Corporation,Corona measures such as science and technology strengthening in the 7 consecutive year of revenue and profit growth goal

“From the black ramen”is a blend of miso as a base,burnt garlic is fragrant black garlic oil is addictive to the effect that in PPIH is scale and regional uniqueness alive actively promoting a private brand[PB] goods.

PPIH in 1980,Yasuda Takao in Tokyo by the”gene list”as established,customer top priority principle under the 1989″Quixote”No. 1 store opened. 2013 the holding company System transition, the company changed its name to Quixote holdings to change,overseas business expansion in 2019 current name of PPIH was changed.

2019 Year 6 year on year sales of 1 trillion 3,289 billion yen. Sectoral composition of the Quixote, family-friendly MEGA Quixote,including overseas discount store business is 76. 5%, The Capital,長崎屋 such as supermarkets business 20. 0%, commercial facility development and operation real estate maintenance・manage tenant leasing operations is 2. 9%, holding company management,Internet services and other other business is 0. 6%accounted for.

Quixote No. 1 stores from 30 consecutive revenue and profit growth have achieved PPIH watching the movements of the.

■The previous fiscal year[2019 Year 6 months fiscal period] and current prospects

At the end of the previous fiscal year the number of stores has 693 stores and last year year-end than 275 stores significantly more. Breakdown of the new domestic stores 23 stores, 3 overseas shops, from the 3rd quarter became a subsidiary unit, group of 267 stores increase, and the closing of 20 stores was.

As a result, the previous fiscal year net sales of 1 trillion 3,289 billion yen [year-on-year 41. 1% increase], operating income compared to last year 115 billion, an increase of 631 billion yen [the same 22. 4% increase] was.

Operating income increased as a factor from the previous fiscal year of 4.9 billion yen, has a proven track record 長崎屋 to the group, were transferred to effects,discount store business reported a decline of ¥ 1.9 billion for the new group subsidiary in 長崎屋 including supermarkets business for 70 billion yen,a steady new store openings and commercial facilities on the back of strong tenant leasing business by 50 billion yen,other businesses of 15 billion yen was.

Current 2nd quarter cumulative total[7-12 month] results the group’s consolidated turnover in 8,588 million yen [YoY 67. 3% increase], operating income of 451 million yen [the same 50. 3% increase] and strong during the current fiscal year is net sales of ¥ 1.6 trillion,700 billion yen [year-on-year change 25. 7%increase], operating income of 720 billion yen [the same 14. 1% increase] expects.

■Medium-to long-term management strategy[in 2020 to 2030]by promoting measures to

Customer top priority principle through 2030 and net sales of 3 trillion yen [vs. previous fiscal year 143. 3% increase], operating income of 200.0 billion yen[the same 217. 0%increase], with the aim of the following strategies to promote.

●1. Domestic Solid 2 trillion yen to establish

The business type of compartmentalization optimization and profitability enhancement.
・Comprehensive Super business of resurrection and profit reform.
・Finance business expansion and monetization.

●2. Abroad 1 trillion yen, building a system

・Brand in the heart of the new business establishment.
・In the Asian region to expand its operations in North America new business creation.
・PB/OEM product development and overseas materials food & beverage retail establishment.

●3. Sales support strategy

・Scale the merits of the product integrates the entire establish by PB product development.
・Re-trading ratio and expand global product supply and logistics structure.
・Digital,dynamic, customer management technology for marshmallows concept of promotion.
・Each store operation to transfer authority to the regions, enhancement of decision making, speed up Human Resource Development.
・Member,credit cards company, Finance, services,product sales revenue expansion.

Customer top priority principle in various formats of stores,the world taking on the challenge of PPIH in the movement of attention. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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