The domestic stock market expectations Dow reached the mark on, such as the focus

*15:04JST the domestic stock market expectations Dow reached the mark on, such as the focus
■新型肺炎 vigilant against the continued, the Nikkei Stock Average anti

Last week’s Nikkei average week. The Federal Reserve Board [the FED]monetary policy report”新型肺炎 the infection spread of new threats”such as it has been pointed out that,7 days of the Dow in 5 days in the week. This week the first 10 days of the Nikkei Stock Average indices. Morning temporary,the previous week compared to the end of the 206. 26 depreciation of the yen to fall to a scene there was, the Shanghai Composite Index 朝安 after the players cut to return as the Nikkei Stock Average also lower the width is shrunk. 11 day of the Tokyo market is National Foundation Day in closed was. 11th in the US market, Powell FED Chairman House of Representatives hearings on”corona virus due to the global economic impact of a gaze”and the remarks of the monetary policy to mention there is no market impacts were minimal. Holidays dawn on the 12th Nikkei average is 3 days to play the rebound. 新型肺炎 the spread of momentum is weak and the coverage of a clue, the firm began the Nikkei Stock Average is closing in on the width of the spread. The Federal District Court is the Softbank Group<9984>Under the umbrella of the U.S. Sprint and the industry T-Mobile US merger plan to tolerate and reported,the Softbank Group is the sales price to stand on the top and 12%near the gains. Democratic candidates for the nomination fight to melee and not to Trump the President’s reelection probability is high or the world,12 days of New York, the Dow rebounded,the trading time in the highs, the NASDAQ Composite Index is also trading time in the highest value of the 3 consecutive days the updated. However, on the 13th of the Nikkei average is early in the morning in Hubei, China in 新型肺炎 infection an example of the increase of the number of reported anti-In began. Bargain from the Nikkei Stock Average is the temporary plus-speaking of China・the Shanghai Composite Index for Asian stocks in General have weak, or close to negative was. China 新型肺炎 of the certification criteria and the change in the number of infected people increased significantly this Tuesday, the 13th of the Dow is a week. It was the 14th of the Nikkei average is 新型肺炎 of the spread of infection and for years has reignited the EU was. Just 2 on 3 days since the BOJ’s ETF [exchange traded funds]buy and the Shanghai Composite index, such as from 23600 yen is a bargain even stronger,the morning of the sale to completion after each deployment and was. At close of the Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared to 140. 14 a depreciation of 23687. 59 yen.

■新型肺炎 to remain vigilant

This week’s Nikkei Stock Average,patterned view is to continue in less than expected. Market sentiment will continue,新型肺炎 influenced by trends, which is expected to be. China 新型肺炎 of the certification criteria and the change in the number of infected people has increased significantly in the tertiary infection or suspected local cases of confirmed started. The economic impact is concerned, the new coronavirus and the impact of the new economy’s downward risks about the vigilant. Week the first 17 Days of early May announced before 2019, the Year 10−12 on gross domestic product [GDP] bulletins,新型肺炎 of the impact is still considered to be not consumption tax, and 10 months of the Typhoon and the subsequent mild winter and the impact of the weather conditions from the 7−9 month of GDP at a level lower than the potential. Also, the 17th is the US market closed on Thursday,23 October is his birthday in 24 days holiday, with the Tokyo market is a 3-Day weekend to refrain from week, through the restrained mood is strong and. On the other hand, the Nikkei Stock Average 23600 yen near the close as bargain-hunting intensified that trend is continuing, and the adjustment width is limited as well. 2 months as long as the Nikkei Stock Average options SQ [special liquidation index] the calculation of the[liquidation value of 23744. 71 yen]14-day pass, and that the supply and demand in terms of the events they go through. The exchange rate and the Shanghai Composite Index,Hong Kong Hang Seng Index and Asian shares of the motion will return to try the scene again it. In addition, Dow’s trend is also noted. 12 days of trading hours in New York the Dow 30000 dollars and 431. 43 dollars and was. The psychological milestone from Dow 30000 dollars take realize a large topic as the Tokyo market was also positive could work.

■2 on the right and the semiconductor, 5G lead role

Ransacked by the 3-month period of companies in the 3rd quarter centered on the earnings announcement is completed, the results of a brand Review buying is deployed to expect there. In addition to this, co・Manager<2670>And software<2685>Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd<9861>Such as the 2-month period financial results of the companies dividends, to shareholders of rights to take the movement of the strong expectations there. High dividend yield stocks in attention is likely to swell. Also, the 14 day of the market last year at 10 month highs 1950 yen was thin SUMCO<3436>Such as semiconductor,the same 1 month highs approaching or Taiyo Yuden<6976>Such as the 5G[fifth generation mobile communications system]related to the movement is strong and continues ransacked a popular lead and help them.

■10-12 year on year GDP, a 1 month visit to Japan number of international visitors to Japan, the US 1 month housing starts

This week’s main economy-related schedule is 17 Days, 10−12 year on year GDP preliminary estimates, January 1, Metropolitan new condominium launch on the 19th, 12 on machinery orders,1 on trade statistics,1 month visit to Japan number of international visitors to Japan,21 October to 1 November the National Consumer Price Index,12 month all industry activity index for each will be announced so. On the other hand, the United States, such as major overseas schedule, the 17th is President’s day [Washington’s birthday]in the US market is closed on the 18th, rice 2 August NY Fed Manufacturing Index,US 2 October NAHB housing market index, November 19 rice 1 Production those prices, rice 1 on housing starts,U.S. 1 on construction permits,1 March 28・29, hosted by the FOMC meeting minutes,20 November the rice in 2 month the Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Sentiment Index,U.S. 1 on the CB Leading Economic composite index,21-day rice to 1 month pending home sales number is scheduled. 《FA》

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