The domestic stock market forecasts:the Middle East situation over the Nikkei Stock Average together to

*14:32JST the domestic stock market forecasts:the Middle East situation over the Nikkei Stock Average together to
■The Nikkei Stock Average is eventful start

In 2020, the market had the previous week’s Nikkei average is eventful dawn of was. First, year-end and New Year holidays of overseas markets looking back,playing the US President US-China trade talks of the Phase 1 agreement about 1 month 15 days in the United States in a ceremony held to open expressed its intention, as the people’s Bank of China to Deposit reserve ratio lowered also published. However, the US military is Iran the new commander in an air strike killed that become apparent, tensions in the Middle East of concern to the United States from the shares for sale in overseas market was preceded. This was the beginning of the flow receiving opening session of the year on the stock trading floor is shown to the right 6 days of Nikkei Stock Average at the end of last year, compared with 451. 76 depreciation of 23204. 86 yen, 2 consecutive years of the opening session of the year on the stock trading floor is shown to the right cheap began. Foreign exchange is a temporary 1 dollar=107 yen to the yen’s appreciation in the direction swung and dislike it. Almost negative 商状 from geopolitical risk in shipping shares, down stood out on the other hand,the crude oil levy high duties on the Soviet Union and defense-related stocks reverse higher for. 6 days of DJIA is pulling to rise,the yen also depreciated by 7 September of the Nikkei average is 4 business days she rebounded. The individual, the Autonomous driving EV [electric vehicle]concept car development was announced by Sony<6758>Is trading in the top 3% of the rise had been noted for. Middle East geopolitical risks and 10-12 on closing the season before the wait and see mood spread 7 days of the DJIA is in the red. 8 September of the Nikkei average is willing to risk Iran Ambassador to Iraq US military base and attack the convey rush week was. Crude oil futures have climbed sharply, and the exchange rate if the yen swing,the Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared to 624. 54 depreciation of the yen down to the scene there was. However, the Foreign Minister remarks, such as one in which the situation of deterioration that will work around the world,the morning session of the Nikkei Stock Average is down width is shrunk. 6 days followed by the BOJ’s ETF [exchange traded funds]I flowed. Trump the US President at a conference in Iran and further confrontation intensified to the desired no intention of suggesting that on the 9th, the Nikkei Stock Average also significantly rebounded. TSE 1st section of the 9% Greater stocks have been rising, especially in high-tech stocks on the stand out release. Iran and conflict intensifies is avoided and,on the 15th US-China trade negotiations the first stage of the agreed plans is reported on the 10th, the Tokyo market is steady to start. For an individual, the full year earnings forecast was revised downward from a point<9983>They are sold from Rice, 12 on Friday and 13 days 3 days immediate the buyer refrain from the mood also spread.

■The Middle East,the US and China, US economy in a nervous deployment

This week’s Nikkei average also contact 商状 is assumed. The Iran situation is easing tension in the direction of the turn by the year 2020 and 1 on the 1st week of the Nikkei Stock Average to rise it is. However, still in the Middle East geopolitical risk is smoldering. And the trouble is recurrent if it is”stock prices””yen””high oil prices”of the Tokyo market hit that. In addition, China’s Liu Deputy Prime Minister from the 13th to Washington to visit on the 15th, the US-China trade negotiations the first stage of the agreement about the two countries plan to sign those, but after the deployment is still uncertain. Next week on the 20th of Canada・in Vancouver, the Chinese Telecom equipment major Huawei Technologies [Huawei]Meng evening boat Vice Chairman and extradition proceedings will begin. Besides this, the opening session of the year on the stock trading floor is shown to the right of the Nikkei Stock Average plunging the Middle East problems of the United States of 2019 is 12 months of Supply Management Association[ISM] manufacturing business sentiment index 10-year low in depressed and lowered as the material worked. JST 16 on the night of rice 12 months retail sales will be announced. The US economic data releases also requires attention. Middle East geopolitical risk,U.S.-China trade talks,the United States economy and the trends of the nervous expansion is expected. Index impact of the large retailing<9983>Now, in 2020 8 month period full-year operating income expected to radically decrease the prospect to downward revision, the index’s upper limit for suppressing the shape as well. However, the growth expectations of the big tech stocks push the eye to pick up the stronger,the Nikkei Stock Average is a steady movement to strengthen this fact. Incidentally, next week the 20th is Martin Luther King’s birth anniversary in the U.S. market is closed this week, from the second half of the buyer to refrain from is strongly expected.

■Sony take Tengchong and the earnings season ahead

Ransacked side, the opening session of the year on the stock trading floor is shown to the right from 10 days to 5 days after have become the tech stocks of the iconic presence, which is also Sony<6758>It is remarkable that. The 2020 year-end sales season launched to improve home-use game machine”Play Station 5″, followed by the automatic driving EV [electric vehicle]concept car announced that have. 15 days from Tokyo Big site”in automated driving EXPO”, 17 November will be held until the schedule is related strain to stimulate it. In addition, 16-day Imperial Palace in the”theme of the Imperial New Year’s ceremony”is performed. In the stock market being announced next year’s theme material a plan view tend to. Incidentally, the 2020 and the title is”wish”was. In addition, next week the 23rd of Nidec<6594>From now 3 months ended company’s 3rd quarter earnings announcement is to start. The U.S. and turn around and come, the strong result expected in stocks ahead buy you can also can.

■The Governor of the Bank of Japan greetings and Rice 12 months retail sales, etc

The main economy related information about the schedule, the 13th is a coming-of-Age Day at the Tokyo market is closed on Friday,14 November to 11 December balance of payments, 12 March Economy Watchers survey, the 12 month change in the CPI,15 day 12 month base,the BOJ branch managers meeting in the Kuroda BOJ Governor greetings, regional economic report[see Report],16 days to 11 months Machinery Orders,12 month Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index,17 December to 11 January Tertiary Industry Activity Index is scheduled. 《FA》

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