The domestic stock market Outlook: buy-back completed feel, of the funds fled be quick on your feet, attention

*14:43JST the domestic stock market Outlook: buy-back completed feel, of the funds fled be quick on your feet, attention
■19000 yen to recover

Last week’s Nikkei average week from a surprising firmness, and throughout the week it up and down to 2000 yen price range resulting in the value movement of an intense 1 Week and was. Rice regime by large-scale economic measures and between the ruling and opposition parties agreed on the difficulties that have arisen and reports was transmitted this week, the first day of the week, and stop with the front of the Chicago Nikkei 225 futures temporary 15060 yen plummet in that aspect but,after the Nikkei Stock Average rose unexpectedly as the beginning,after all 300 yen more than the rise in the trading finished. Individual’s,share repurchase and debt reduction for up to 4. 5 trillion yen of assets on sale・capitalizations decided to Softbank G<9984>The rapid progress contributed to this but. Mid-week, the FED’s QE Unlimited to carry out the intentions expressed in this and last week’s Nikkei average firmness is conscious of this, it is in some semiconductor related mainly to the rapid short movement of the cover is continued. Also, the difficulties that the coverage was $ 2 trillion of the United States of large-scale economic measures, but the final agreement was to convey was this movement that spurred. Against this background, the week before the end of the 19th 16000 yen was in the middle of the Nikkei Stock Average is 1000 yen more than skyrocket to 2 days continue looking, and the milestone of 19,000 yen to once recovered. However, the rapid return to a sense of vigilance has emerged that in addition to the Tokyo, such as weekend outings refrain to the request and consumption slowed to a consciousness that the heavy element, and a week later on Thursday the expectation is the predominant form in the Nikkei Stock Average again 19000 yen transitory. Still, last Friday, the US economic policy of the early establishment of expectations for the US market significantly higher, as the dividend reinvestment accompanied buy a demand and Fund by the end of the dressing buy, such as contributed,again 19000 yen recovers as the week ended.

■Economic indicators published one by one and check

This week, the new corona virus the effect of incorporated and began of economic indicators released after that. The previous weekend, they have released week of the US initial jobless claims is the largest of the 300 million about the market I’m over the moon and a rapid increase in the number, the employment situation of a slowdown in the US market than the Japanese market but also in the economic policy expectations of the game to looking by. Exceeded expectations to the extent of the bad indicators out the market already this is factored in to that,yet for some situation. However, this week 4 November 1(water)to the Bank of Japan Tankan,US ADP private sector employment report,US ISM manufacturing index,3-day (Friday)is the US employment report,US ISM Non-Manufacturing Index for the major economic indicators in succession will be announced. Bank of Japan Tankan, an advance of market expectations, the large manufacturing index reports the level of business conditions amongst large firms within the Japanese (DI)is 7 years of negative to the world and domestic economic Outlook against a strong sense of vigilance has emerged. Also, other U.S. employment data and US ISM manufacturing and non-manufacturing index, such as described above, US Initial Jobless Claims than the equivalent of an important indicator. Hence,the sides of each of the indicators across the Board the expected value much lower than that if there is a market reaction forced is some concern there. In year 2008 when the second bottom was, but this time it is wary of being. The time axis, overlap it, but this time the second bottom is a lot of 7 month, 8 month or so. The impact on the real economy confirms the degree until the market direction is not sure for easy bargain-hunting is ahead of the economic indicators published one by one slowly and see it is important and would.

■The buy-back rate is cycled from

Also, seller to credit unrealized gains rates also gradually decrease in March was somewhat larger, and the feet of the seller by the rapid buy-back rate expectations is already scarce, and prices. The new coronavirus worldwide infected by the expansion,the Nikkei Stock Average is authentic down began to show 2 after late in that price range sold separately buy trends in business is the most concentrated levels are 21000 yen level, and even further is a strong return for sale stamped sentiment is also assumed you have it. Buy-back rate of completion is to be aware of the timing of, the Metropolitan area after another weekend of going out voluntarily requested, and every day in an infected person’s surge have been identified. Overseas, including a new buy position stacked to the situation is short-sighted to continue. In the market, the future of the Tokyo Metropolitan cities of the sequester (lock-down)to the vigilance of increase and the Nikkei Stock Average is the milestone of 19,000 yen level recovery, funds fled be quick on your feet, it must be so. Ransacked continue to telework or nest of the most consumption-related, as the relative performance concern less of food such as of the dominance of the U.S. and assuming you want to. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is at the end of last week oil prices・about the production in Russia and the consultation is not expressed. Because of this, the price war is prolonged is concerned, crude oil price is 20 dollars cracking on the verge of decline as a result, the Tokyo market of resource-related stocks trends to continue attention you would need.

■Active job openings-to-applicants ratio and the manufacturing PMI, such as

The main economy related Schedule,3 month 31 days to 2 months’yu effective job openings-to-applicants ratio,unemployment rate, industrial production, retail sales, construction orders, 4 on 1 day Bank of Japan Tankan(1-3 Months), 3 month manufacturing PMI,auto sales,4 on May 2, foreign・inward Securities Investment, 3 on Minute base,4 on 3 day to 3 month services PMI・composite PMI, etc are planned. 《FA》

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