The domestic stock market Outlook: continued volatility tiles to expand

*14:40JST the domestic stock market Outlook: continued volatility tiles to expand
■The Nikkei Stock Average is six months 21000 yen cracked

Last week’s Nikkei average is 4 consecutive weeks of decline. 2 month 28 days of the Dow is a temporary 1000 dollars more than the decline, Powell FED[Federal Reserve]Chairman’s statement after receiving a significantly lower width to shrink you……. Week the first 2 days of the Nikkei Stock Average also”provide ample liquidity and financial market stability and ensure”as new BOJ Governor discourse by the 朝安 boxes, the North by the projectile, the projectile is transmitted,after growth only. The main 7 countries[G7]Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors meeting 新型肺炎 response to the tour,conference held, and reported coordination to the mitigation of the expected 2 days from NY down 1 day up the width it is the largest and 1293. 96 dollars, a record high. However, the 3 days of Tokyo markets of the G7 conference call”concrete policy responses include”not making and selling prevails, with the Nikkei Stock Average is in the morning from a high negative to this day lows speaking at the close of your. FED unanimous in key interest rates to 0. 5% points lower emergency interest rate cuts carried out as 3 days of DJIA is a temporary rise, but the new coronavirus of the problem is monetary policy, and not enough of the view, such as from anti turned. 4 September of the Nikkei average also, U.S. stock cheap flow of takeover started, the US election campaign of the Democratic candidate nomination fight centrist Biden says several of the state and conveyed to Rose. However, the new coronavirus infection of the expanding concern for the root strongly on the width is close to contraction. The world’s Central Bank and government stimulus measures to be introduced and the expectation of the preceding, the 4th of the Dow are up as the width past the 2nd and 1173. 45 dollar and a steep rebound. This US stock market rally to the good 5 days, with the Nikkei Stock Average also South Stream gas pipeline project. The new corona virus develop therapeutic drugs for the announced that Takeda<4502>Is 3% high. However, 新型肺炎 of the global spread of the infection suffered economic slowdown concerns are strong,buy a cycle after the upper limit of the weight conscious. Rice California Governor has declared a state of emergency to be triggered, such as the new coronavirus infection to expand anaerobic 5 days Dow is significantly anti. Day 6 of the Tokyo market in the United States the spread of infection and the pace of acceleration in the economy・the economy and corporate earnings and affect the normal performance of the concern increased sales was preceded. 1 dollar=105 yen proceeded to exchange rates yen minus a plan view, a further cheap began in the Nikkei Stock Average is then negative in the lower wider, and close the base last year in 9 on 4 since the day of 21000 yen cracked and became.

■Measure the SQ to avoid the volatility increase.

This week’s Nikkei average is 13 days of measure SQ refrain from volatility are high and expected to expand. The FED[Federal Reserve]emergency interest rate cuts carried out in the United States, additional rate cut expectations have emerged. The exchange rate is 1 dollar=105 yen to the yen’s appreciation has progressed,the Nikkei Stock Average below the support function is one of retreat was. Also, Prime Minister Abe 2 on May 26, the public requested 2 weeks of the event self-restraint of the deadline on the 11th, that one this is 2 weeks after the extension of the stock market is not only being. Corporate performance the impact on the surface of the destination, the yen appreciation trend and the Nikkei stock average of the upper limit to the weight that. In the United States is a new type of coronavirus infection from the expansion of the global economy, the[economic downturn]is aware of the beginning, from the fact that DJIA is more cheap and the Nikkei average also 2 million across the exchanges could. On the other hand,the Nikkei Stock Average is the last 5 months since 4 consecutive weeks cheap at 3000 yen strength and lower width[closing price basis] and the evolution of the Autonomous repulsion arises as the situation is. Punching hand is narrowed to that of Japan’s monetary policy but,next week from 18 to 19 October held in the BOJ monetary policy meeting in ETF [exchange traded funds]of the purchase of the frame, and an increase of the stimulus is in part expected, and this speculation is the General of the market deep down on the brake material as working. Also, the popular SUV[sport utility vehicles] and”RAV4″to produce a Toyota Automobile<7203>China・Changchun plant is 9 days from the normal production of the system to return to, such as the partial but”off・the new coronavirus”movement is starting out. In this situation, continue to the new coronavirus-related news flow centered on the Nikkei Stock Average is bobbing up and down from that is expected. In addition, this week is 10 days to 2 on machine tools orders, China 2 Production those prices・consumer prices, 11 pound 2 month change in the CPI and in the U.S. in key indicators of the announcement of the eventful material which could work as well.

■Infection control-related and 5G related ransacked

Ransacked by the 13th of measure SQ refrain from being the main large-cap stocks on hand to be aware that not individually material share ransacked the deployment of the main body and the like. Therapeutics development, such as 新型肺炎 related products, TSE 2 section of the multi-user networks<6778>Announcement of financial results and Nokia orders from the news from the 5G [5th generation mobile communication system]of our consolidated financial results are attracting attention again ransacked expansion the to expect there.

■Measure SQ, 2 in China on consumer prices, US 2 month change in the CPI

The main economy related schedule is on the 9th, 1 on the balance of payments,10-12 September quarter GDP revised value,2 October Economy Watchers survey on the 10th, 2 on base,2 on machine tool orders, on the 12th to 2 on the Domestic Corporate Goods price index,1-3 month period 景気予測 Survey,2 月都 mind office vacancy rate,13 to measure SQ, 1 March Tertiary Industry Activity Index announcement is scheduled. On the other hand, the United States, such as major overseas schedule, 10 days in China 2 Production those prices・consumer prices, 11 pound 2 month change in the CPI,U.S. 2 on the budget balance,12 November the ECB Board meetings,Lagarde ECB President at the press conference, rice 2 Production those prices, 13 pound 2 month import and export prices of rice, 3 November University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is scheduled. 《FA》

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