The domestic stock market Outlook: corona virus and the United States shares the trend is the catalyst

*15:04JST the domestic stock market Outlook: corona virus and the United States shares the trend is the catalyst
■The coronal shock in the Nikkei Stock Average 21000 yen cracked

Last week’s Nikkei average is down width is 2200 yen[a decline rate of 9%Super],a week in 3 consecutive weeks or getting. The Tokyo market holiday closed was the 24th of the US market, the new corona virus infection by expanding the New South Korea and Italy also confirmed slowdown in the world economy concerns stronger Dow the previous week compared to the end of 1031. 61 dollar and plummet. And with it, the week of the 25th Nikkei Stock Average morning temp 1000 yen more than the decline at once…. Negative 商状 of the new corona virus for the treatment of influenza A remedy for the”Vigan”is administered to a patient, and 厚労相 revealed by FujiFilm<4901>Retrograde high stood out. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention[CDC] is the coronavirus of the United States in the prevalence of a warning for this Tuesday,25 November the Dow is 879. 44 dollar with a 4-day losses. 26 day of the Tokyo market also 新型肺炎 of infection expansion due to economic slowdown fears of further increase, the Nikkei average is also 3 days as there is no macroeconomic data. The day before, followed by the TSE 33 industry sector are negative and to the acquisition of Treasury stock announced by Canon<7751>The rise of sensation. On the 27th Tokyo market day of the fall received the Autonomous repulsion aim of buying only from those in the United States of infected individuals, expanded and in Japan various events one after another cancellation, postponement of, the investor’s risk-off attitude has made. Short-term overseas muscle by index futures to intermittent sales to adults, the Nikkei Stock Average in 2019, 10 months, 11 days since about 4 and a half months to learn the closing price is 22000 yen cracked and became. In California a new type of coronavirus infected person is confirmed,crude prices fell and US long-term decline in interest rates also overlaps 27 days of the Dow is 1190. 95 dollar was. Investors take risk by avoiding the appreciation of the yen against the U.S. dollar also being wary, the 28th of the Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared to 430. 22 depreciation of the yen in May,after the Asian market across the Board, cheap received a lower width of the spread. Temporary 1031. 83 yen’s depreciation, the trading hours in the 2019 Years 9 months 5 days since 21000 yen cracking, the close of the 805. 27 depreciation of 21142. 96 yen 21000 yen to maintain.

■Nikkei Stock Average 21000 yen battle

This week’s Nikkei Stock Average, is a psychological milestone for 21000 yen battle perspective shift. Last week’s decline in prices, 2 on 28 October last year 10 month 4 day lows 21276. 01 yen to interrupt the 21000 yen line quickly adjusted to advancing and technical lines to one interrupt that down, from risk also bulge two. 21000 yen down the line penetrates the well, the first is price / book value ratio-PBR[PBR] 1 times the level of 20700 yen to whether you can focus and become. Also, the worst is last 8 month 6 day lows of 20110. 76 yen to fall also of concern. Furthermore, the rate of the support material worked as foreign exchange rates,to $ 1=108 yen’s appreciation trend to reverse this disturbing material. Incidentally, the National Bureau of statistics of China announced on the 29th 2 months of manufacturing PMI[Purchasing Managers Index]and non-manufacturing PMI and the market forecasts below. Next week, the Tokyo market’s reaction is to be alarmed. On the other hand, the Nikkei Stock Average is 28 days or 5 days of losses in the lower width is 2300 yen for. 25 the fluctuation ratio in 28 days to 53 percent, the short-term rebound is likely to occur with that. 3 the place now and from here, in Japan, the U.S. economic indicators, individual enterprises monthly sales of the disclosure of information,the new coronavirus is affected by the extent to come out from the focal point. 3 days of retailing<9983>By 2 month at the domestic Uniqlo sales trends Bulletin,4 November US 2 on the ADP employment report,US 2 October ISM non-manufacturing business climate index, such as the contents of the report,the market is up and down, swung, and deployment as well. 6 days of US 2 on Friday,7 November in China 1 month・2 month trade balance, such as 6 days of the Tokyo market close after the announcement, the Nikkei Stock Average, the impact on the next week, but its contents depending on the eventful factors and the like. The whole market is a new type of coronavirus news flow and the US stock trends strongly influenced by the catalyst of the market expansion can be expected to continue. 3 month 13 days is the measure SQ refrain from, and this from 2 weeks quotes for deployment in a nervous time and this is not expected.

■5G,high dividend yield,IPO

Ransacked by telework,telemedicine,nest of the most relevant and 新型肺炎 measures and the extension of the line was born in the theme ransacked is expected to continue, but the 5G [5th generation mobile communications system]related and high dividend yield stocks such as the big adjustment for stocks interest in anticipation there. In 5G-related base station and the switching system for a communication instrument to help the designer networks<6778>Now 7 months ended 2nd quarter to 5 days to announce. In addition, the Tokyo Stock Exchange on 4 stocks IPO can also ransacked trends to stimulate it.

■Domestic Uniqlo sales,US payrolls,Chinese trade balance

This week’s main domestic economy Associated Schedule,2 days 10-12 month period statistics of corporations by industry,month 2 automobile sales,3 Day, 2 on base,2 on consumption trends in the survey,the 2 month at the domestic Uniqlo sales trends Bulletin,6 September to 1 October household surveys, 1 month diffusion indexes are planned. On the other hand, the United States and overseas, including the key Schedule, 2 days on rice, 2 on ISM Manufacturing,US 1 on construction spending,3 days rice Super,4 days on rice, 2 on the ADP employment report,US 2 October ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Climate Index, Beige Book[US District Fed Business Conditions Report],5th U.S. 1 on factory orders,OPEC extraordinary meeting[Vienna] on the 6th, U.S. 1 on the trade balance, USD 2 on Friday, rice 1 on consumer credit balances, 7 days China 2 October trade balance is scheduled. 《FA》

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