The domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei average is 10 years after the bubble highs awareness

*14:51JST the domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei average is 10 years after the bubble highs awareness
■The U.S. part of the agreement, good feeling, 1 year and 2 months 24000 yen recovery

Last week’s Nikkei average rose 1 years and 2 months 24000 yen to recover,a week in 3 consecutive weeks was higher. Rice 11 November employment report non-farm payrolls growth the market much higher than expected, and 6 days for NY download is 337. 27 dollar and had a flow to take over a week, the first 9 days of the Nikkei Stock Average is 3 days after it began. However, 10 days of FOMC [Federal Open Market Committee]and on the 15th day of the U.S. China sanctions tariff No. 4 Batch move deadlines ahead, the upper limit up of the deployment was not reached. The individual, the household game machine”Nintendo Switch”in China released 10 days ahead for Nintendo<7974>Is trading in the top 3% in the near rise was noted. 10 days the Nikkei Stock Average is the 4th day in a row. 9 days of the Dow is a 4th day in a lower high, a pattern view for the game was preceded. On the 11th of the Nikkei average also slightly positive as there is no macroeconomic data. 10 days of the Dow is slightly in the EU, the Tokyo market is also active buyers are holding back from. The attention of the 11 September FOMC meeting, the majority of the expected interest rate is deferred, the economic activity and the gradual expansion of the grounds to 2020 China’s policy interest rates unchanged, suggesting that uncertainty is dispelled after the announcement, the Dow rose 3 days to rebound. The flow of memories 12 days of Nikkei stock average of 3 days to rise or. The exchange rate is moving in the direction of yen appreciation swings,turned negative to the scene, there were bargain-hunting the movement of only the Nikkei Stock Average that it will 12 days in the US market is the President of the U.S.-China agreement suggests the tweets were made,the United States against China on the 15th and had planned additional tariff discontinuation of the existing tariff measures reduction of proposed and reported. Then on the 13th of the Nikkei average,top US President in the U.S. Phase 1 approved the agreement and communicated to the temporary 600 yen more than significantly was higher. After entering the Nikkei Stock Average by 2018, 10 month 4 days since 1 years and 2 months 24000 yen to recover and close of the previous day compared to 598. 29 appreciation of 24023. 10 yen and rise in this year the maximum was. The UK General election, the ruling Conservative Party was the victory of the situation, as the exchange rate is 1 dollar 109 yen until the middle of the depreciation of the yen swung to the support material, and the Tokyo market is a decade 商状 was. Incidentally, this day of 12 months as a measure, the SQ value is 23895. 88 yen.

■External environment risks on the incline

This week’s Nikkei average is further from the upper limit up materials and wait for the deployment of a long way to go to do it. US-China trade talks 1st the consensus of reports received 12 days in the DJIA, such as the major US index 3 record value is updated. In addition, the British General election, the ruling party・the Conservative Party wins next year 1 March 31 of the EU [European Union] Withdrawal[drive], the majority required to ensure the UK agreement you withdrawal the possibility of the retreat. US-China trade friction with the table set with the external environment the risk of a setback to the direction can see in the Outlook of the uncertainty of the dissolution is expected. The FED[Federal Reserve], followed by the European Central Bank [ECB] is also 12 days of Board meetings in the EZ to determine the monetary policy also maintain the status quo in the direction of the mass, exchange rate of $ 1=109 yen until the middle of the depreciation of the yen, and the external environment is at risk on slope conditions provided by you. Important events the ideal in shape through the holidays toward that high of anticipation that I expected. Further the United States rising stock prices and exchange rate depreciation of the yen progress, such as if,last year 10 month 2 days after the bubble highs at 24448. 07 circle of consciousness to expand into and it might be so. However, the 13 day of the DJIA is slightly higher in the back, like the stock market of the US-China trade talks for the next size seeking. Also, 好地 from the limited impact of what was the Bank of Japan announced on the 13th Bank of Japan Tankan large enterprises・manufacturing index reports the level of business conditions amongst large firms within the Japanese [DI]last 9 month survey from a 5-point worsening of the 0 [Zero], 4 consecutive quarters worsened in 2013 3 month survey, the lowest level since it was. 16 days China 11 November retail sales,US 12 January NY Fed Manufacturing Index, November 19 rice 11 December CB Leading Economic composite index of announcement coming, and that economic indicators are the market put a damper on that. In that case, at the end of the year which plunged the deployment was last year’s example is reminiscent of it,the sentiment cools, you may be required to keep in mind that you want.

■Laggards circulation ransacked and IPO peak

Ransacked by a 15 day schedule of the United States by China sanctions tariff 4th the entire surface of the trigger is avoided, and the 13th in the US market Apple is rising, and short-sighted by the electronic components and semiconductor-related buy-back is working. 11 month almost recovered a pair of Kyocera<6971>A team<6963>,Nitto Denko<6988>Followed by 4 month highs and a pair of DENSO<6902>, Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd.<7259>And 1 on overpriced sets of Honda<7267>, Mizuho FG<8411>In late ransacked by a bottom Up movement is continue expected there. However, on the 13th of measure SQ to go through this,some overseas institutional investors are the Christmas holidays now and get started trading volume is thin as expected.

■Kuroda, BOJ Governor press conference,China 11 November retail sales,US 11 on personal income

The main economy related schedule as on the 18th, the BOJ monetary policy meeting[19 days], 11 month trade statistics,11 month visit to Japan number of international visitors to Japan on the 19th, Kuroda, BOJ Governor press conference,20 October to 11 November the Consumer Price Index is scheduled. On the other hand, the United States and overseas, including the main schedule on the 16th, China 11 月都 urban fixed asset investment,China 11 September industrial production, China 11 November retail sales,US 12 January NY Fed Manufacturing Index,US 12 November NAHB housing market index on July 17, rice 11 on housing starts,us 11 on construction permits,us 11 on industrial production and capacity utilization, November 19 Rice 7-9 month period current account, USD 12 month Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Sentiment Index, the US 11 February the CB Leading Economic Composite Index, rice 11 month existing home sales number December 20, Rice 7-9 September quarter GDP revised value,US 11 October personal income and personal spending are planned. 《FA》

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