The domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei average is 21000 yen of consciousness to expand

*14:39JST the domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei average is 21000 yen of consciousness to expand
■Nikkei Stock Average Corona after the shock of the return to the highs update

Last week’s Nikkei average is 2 weeks rose more. Last week 15 days of the Dow is negative for the flow, receiving a week the first time on the 18th of the Nikkei average on the South Stream gas pipeline project. Temporary 20000 yen to interrupt the scene there were,DJIA futures after hours trading remained strong and the tailwind worked. Apple domestic store sales resume new corona virus vaccine, drug development,high crude oil prices and positive it was 18 days of the Dow the previous day compared to 911. 95 dollar and had grown. This likable 19 September of the Nikkei average also raised in. However, a new type of coronavirus infection in the first 2 waves and US-China friction against the years from the buying cycle after the wear feeling is strong, and 3 days after from this day lows of Euro area trade in finished. The day before the surge of the recoil and the new Corona vaccine to the expectations of the retreat from the,19 day of the Dow is the 4th day in a row, the 20th of the Nikkei average is 4 days after you. The BOJ is on the 22nd extraordinary monetary policy meeting open and announced policy expectations from the firm to begin with, U.S. officials are U.S.-China trade agreement on maintaining the suggested remark is transmitted,on the width of the spread. The 50 US States some of the economic activities about the relaxation of regulations and the resumption will be announced 20 days of the DJIA rebounded. Meanwhile, the 21st of the Nikkei average is 5 day in a row. The Nikkei Stock Average INDU immediately after 20734. 91 yen bought the Corona after the shock of the return to the highs of an US President by the Twitter remarks from US-China relations to guard against relapse, and before the pull on the verge of a negative or. After the previous day’s closing price level across the scuffle was close to again lower turned. 21 days of the DJIA, the US-China confrontation intensified to concerned throughout the day and weak sales. 22 days of the Nikkei Stock Average,25 days to the expected emergency declarations in the review of the Metropolitan area of undeclared the expectations was preceded by the most extraordinary of the BOJ monetary policy meeting over the speculation from such a small began. However, the results are in advance of the expected and received from,”the Hong Kong version of the national safety law”to a stake in Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index significant losses at the start, the Nikkei average also lower the width to broaden the deployment and losses for. 22 the Dow is 8. 96 dollar of 24465. 16 the dollar and the major currencies indices or. By the Chinese government to Hong Kong’s national security laws applied to consider only the US-China confrontation intensified concerns from The fell. However, viral vaccine development involving optimistic view that government officials come out from the lower width, to reduce the NASDAQ index rebounded.

■U.S.-China issues and the MSCI rebalancing the eventful factors

This week’s Nikkei average is 3 months 6 days since 21000 yen line get to be aware there is a scene in it. The new corona virus related to emergency Declaration, the Japanese government,ahead of the 39 counties, followed by Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo Kansai 3 prefectures in the emergency Declaration lifted. The Declaration continues to Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa Metropolitan area of 4 prefectures and Hokkaido is the deadline of the end of the month before the release whether it is possible, and 25, also determined to continue to grow in the coming days. On the other hand, the US economy about new option US Treasury Secretary is”Q2(4-6 months)bottomed out in the 4th quarter(10-12 months)strong growth expected”it has been reported that the. U.S.-China conflict as a risk factor from corporate performance is also opaque, the U.S. and the resumption of economic activity pitch is quick as can be,expect the key ECB interest rates to remain at present or lower levels for an of leading it. On the 27th rice NY 証取 of the trading floor is part of the resume that,the mood is bright material. The resumption of economic activity expectations Excel quotes for deployment and the psychological milestone of the Nikkei Stock Average 21000 yen is recognized this way. Technical by to see the Nikkei Stock Average,the 5-day moving average near 75-day line, and has been maintaining more than,the upper limit up trend not crumble. Economic indicators personal income and spending in the US, such as the announcement of a spate of constant aggravation are factored in, the impact on the stock market even in the short term as prospective only. Eventful factors and U.S.-China confrontation problem. Corona virus, the Hong Kong issue, followed by 27 days in the Canadian Supreme Court has Huawei(Huawei Technologies)Vice-Chairman of the extradition over the critical decisions prospective only. Huawei issues in US-China tensions will increase if the rate of downward concern increases. Also, the 29 day of MSCI rebalancing entwined in domestic institutional investor trends should be monitored carefully.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and mothers

In addition, the country has been postponed to corporate earnings announcements continue. 25 is Shimizu Corporation<1803>26th, Yamaha<7951>,27 days client HD<6098>And 28, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd<7201>29th, Hitachi<6501>Olympus<7733>Etc. On the other hand, the Mothers index,22 days to 6 days. dropped for political reasons on Friday, the 21st, in the corona before the level beyond the last 5 months since the high level back in the can. Still 70 points or more distance left, and trading hours in 2018 the 12 months since 10000 points mark closing in on IT market buzz, and ransacked the desire to stimulate that. Individual investors buying and selling that is the subject of the market and small and medium-size individual ransacked the popularity of continuation of it.

■Emergency Declaration termination of judgments, U.S. personal income and spending,China’s PMI

This week’s main domestic schedule is,25 days to the emergency Declaration to cancel the government decision,27 March the government in the 2nd Supplementary Budget proposal of the Cabinet decision policies, 28 November to 5 monthly economic report,29 November to 4 December unemployment rate・the ratio of job offers to applicants,4 April industrial production,5 on consumption trends in the research, MSCI rebalancing scheduled. On the other hand, overseas on the 26th, the rice 4 on the Chicago Fed National Activity Index,U.S. 5 on the CB Consumer Confidence Index,US 4 month new home sales number,27 days to the US Beige Book,28 days to the rice 1-3 month period GDP revised value, the rice 4 on durable goods orders,US 4 month existing home sales preliminary agreement on the 29th, rice 4 October personal income and personal spending 31 days, China 5 December manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMI is scheduled. 《FA》

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