The domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei average is 24000 yen mark and cemented to the

*14:29JST the domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei average is 24000 yen mark and cemented to the
■The Nikkei Stock Average since last year highs update

Last week’s Nikkei average rose. This year the 2 consecutive weeks was higher. Week 13 day New York market, the US-China trade friction of expected easing from the backlash started off. The US government has semiannual Foreign Exchange report, the Chinese for”為替操作 country”certification of cancellation near the publicity and media coverage,trade friction is abate and expectations from tech stocks to the center wide range of buyers entered. The NASDAQ Composite Index and the S&P500 index record value is updated. And with it, a 3-day dawned and was the 14th of the Nikkei average is 3 days after it began,the closing price as of last year 12 months 17 days since approximately 1 month 24000 yen for to recover. Tech stocks mainly trading the top of leading shares across the Board high and Buddha, but Renault and partner resolve to have prepared and reported by Nissan itself<7201>Fell nearly 3 percent. China Customs is the US President chosen until after the be maintained to convey, the exchange rate is the yen to shake it, the 15th of the Nikkei average week. The most recent 3 business days [closing price Base]800 yen more than the rise in addition,the day before the milestone of 24000 yen achieved in the profit of the movement is in the ascendant and was. 15 days of the NY market is,to this day, the US-China trade negotiations in the 1st stage of agreement signature refrained from buying ahead,Dow also 3 days after and was. 16 September of the Nikkei average NY Dow’s rise and the exchange rate depreciation of the trend,U.S.-China trade negotiations in the first stage of an agreement signed with safe passage as a support for rebound. However, new materials of hard, from the milestone of 24,000 yen before the upper limit is heavy with a small rise remained. The day before the U.S.-China trade talks of the Phase 1 agreement document is signed, the weekly jobless claims than expected decrease,12 on retail sales of strong content and positive have 16 days of the Dow the previous day compared with 267. 42 high dollar and 4 days South Stream gas pipeline project. This flow received on the 17th of the Nikkei average, the milestone of 24,000 yen recovers as of May, and 12 on 17 Days of the year highs 24091. 12 yen to update. 11 a.m. to the National Bureau of statistics of China announced the 4 quarter of China GDP growth rate,year-on-year rate of Change 6. 0%and expected the market to give a sense of security,12 month Chinese industrial production exceeded market expectations and was welcomed by. NY in the market of semiconductor-related stocks rising, semiconductor and tech stocks in a corner of the buy dominance was. The Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared to 108. 13 appreciation of 24041. 26 yen with 3 days to play 24000 yen recovered.

■The market of interest or earnings to shift

This week’s Nikkei average is 24000 yen mark firming is assumed in the further upper limit to the observed expansion is also expected. Exchange rates last 5 months since the depreciation of the yen to the level swung from the blue-chip stocks,輸出関連株 around a buy along that the fate of the next tranche of the bearing capacity is strong. The best value to update the Dow and NASDAQ index, and 1 dollar=110 yen area and have a depreciation trend support material, on the 17th of the Nikkei average since last year highs as the market mood improved as the psychological plus the material work as well. On the other hand,the 1st stage of the agreement after the signing of the U.S.-China trade negotiations, a lull in the situation in the East,1 at the end of the forthcoming TV set[the UK leaving the European Union] and the concern is the rest,the Nikkei Stock Average 24000 yen at the highs shut out the voice too. However, market interest in the companies earnings announcement began to shift, and even you hold to,this earnings release and the expectations there. Japan is 3 on 3rd quarter centered on the earnings announcement season begins. The first peak 400 companies over released 31 October and 21 November, Tokyo Steel Manufacturing<5423>23 days, to Nidec Corporation<6594>, Disco<6146>The company is scheduled to be announced. However,Nidec’s financial results after the stock price movements of high tech stocks, The Disco is relating to semiconductor manufacturing equipment stock price trends affect you.

■Semiconductor-related and 輸出関連株 attention

In particular, market interest 3 months ended financial results of the companies in the fiscal year transferred, and companies that originate from the business environment, and analysts in the assessment of interest is poured so. In addition, the United States in the United States hours of 22 Texas Instruments 23 days, Intel was semiconductor giant’s earnings announcement is coming. 16 days of the US market,Taiwan product body and cable manufacturing [TSMC]for a strong result due to the semiconductor demand for an increase of the observed background in semiconductor stocks across the Board, strong movements at once…. Semiconductors, the Nikkei average index of impact even greater. Also, the depreciation of the yen against the background of last 4 on the highs of the Mazda is 5% high,the 9 month highs of SUBARU<7270>Is 4% high, and 輸出関連株 of the late circulation ransacked also expanded it. 24 to 30 days from the date of the Spring Festival to the Chinese market is 7 days from entering the market, the interest of corporate performance easy to focus on that.

■Regular session convened,Governor of the Bank of Japan press conference,Chinese New Year

This week’s main economy-related schedule is on the 20th, the BOJ monetary policy meeting[21 October] in regular session convened on the 21st, Kuroda Governor of the Bank of Japan press conference,Bank of Japan, Outlook for economic activity and prices [the Outlook report],22 November to 12 January in the Metropolitan new condominium launch,23 October the 12-month trade statistics,11 November all industry activity index, on the 24th 12 months consumer prices, 12 on 18,19 November the minutes of the monetary policy meeting is scheduled. On the other hand, the United States, such as major overseas schedule, the 20th is Martin Luther King’s birth anniversary in the U.S. market closed,the China Telecom equipment giant Huawei Technologies [Huawei]Meng evening boat Deputy Chairman of the extradition hearing begins[Vancouver, Canada],21st in the World Economic Forum[Davos,24 days], Rice 12 March existing home sales number,23 November the ECB Board meetings,Lagarde the President of the conference, Rice 12 November CB Leading Economic composite index,24 days is the Spring Festival in the Chinese market 30 days closed is scheduled. In addition, 20 days is the US presidential inauguration from 3 years, 24 days Tokyo Olympics in six months or. 《FA》

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