The domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average 20000 yen challenge the upper limit of the weight conscious

*14:30JST the domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average 20000 yen challenge the upper limit of the weight conscious
■The Nikkei Stock Average Corona crash highs after the update

Last week’s Nikkei average rose. Week beginning the 13th of the Nikkei average,Good Friday in the United States market is a 3-Day weekend that was a clue from the material poor no coverage in Japan, is a new type of coronavirus infection continues to expand, this is a concern, and on the other hand, the US stock index futures decline, and the yen’s rise from close to lower the width to spread. The individual in the previous fiscal year, earnings downside and a large amount of closing of the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting indicated that interest rates are on the word HD<8016>They are sold for. Look was Day 13 of the Dow is a 3 day in a row, the tech stocks with a high proportion of the NASDAQ Composite Index is 3 days after that, on the 14th of the Nikkei average rebounded. Trump the US President early of the economic activity resumption showed a willingness to along with after-hours trading in the US stock index futures are Toolbox as likable as the Nikkei Stock Average is 3 months 25 days for the corona crash after the highs of 19564. 38 yen exceeded the 19705. 99 yen to rise to a scene there was. The individual in the previous fiscal year to 1 trillion yen over the operating loss was announced Softbank G<9984>But,朝安 after the turn and talked about. In the United States, the new corona virus infection spread of peak one and only, the economic activity resumption is expected to increase 14 days of the Dow rebounded, the 15th of the Nikkei average week. The Bank of Japan’s ETF(exchange traded funds)buy and support observation on the scene there were,DJIA futures after hours trading it fell, as the yen’s strength, including that the upper limit to be reduced to the minimum. 3 month retail sales in record fall for the 15 days of Dow is significantly slowed and became. This flow receives 16 days of the Tokyo market also sell ahead of the Nikkei Stock Average throughout the day negative zone remained. However, BOJ’s ETF buying 2 consecutive days in the Inlet, there was a treat before pulling level across the wear to the strength of the deployment was. 16 the DJIA a small repulsive turned. 4 month’s Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey is the largest ever fall in with such things as the economic Outlook for the concerns of the stock price, the upper limit to minimize, the rice regime by economic activity and the resumption of the guidelines announced the expectation for online have increased. This trend has received further High began in the 17th of the Nikkei average after-hours trading in the US stock index futures rise or the US bio-pharmaceutical giant that developed anti-viral drug reports also stimulating material and raise to widen the deployment was. The Nikkei Stock Average is the temporary 20000 yen mark to 77 yen to the closing there is a scene that,at close in the previous day compared to 607. 06 appreciation of the yen, 19897. 26 yen and 3 days significantly rebounded. 17 Days of the NY Dow 704. 81 dollar of 24242. 49 the dollar and negative. Top administration economic activity resume guidelines published for bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers of the(at GILD)antiviral drugs”REM de”clinical trials in the favorable results were reported this expectation has spread.

■The United States the situation is the support material,the domestic situation is a concern

This week’s Nikkei average,a slowdown from the 2 million yen mark recovery to try there is a scene in it. Trump the US President, the resumption of economic activity towards the new guidelines presented and reports received, on the 14th of the Nikkei Average Futures Initiative increase, and 3 on 25 October with the closing price-based return high 19546. 63 yen, exceeding 4 months of the SQ value 19577. 48 yen to recover. Chart 3 on 19 October lows 16358. 19 circle No. 1 bottom, 4 on 3 days low, 17646. 50 yen and No. 2 Bottom and reversal trends. In the United States of the virus of the infected computer and anti-viral drugs and clinical trials progress,the United States the revival of economic activity expected to flow is formed, that the rate of the support material have become. However, the domestic in the emergency Declaration area of interest is every Prefecture to expand, such as the new coronavirus infection of expansion for years is not strong, the Nikkei Stock Average 20000 yen in the vicinity of the upper limit of the weight is recognized this way. As such, this week the market impact noticeable indicators is missing from the expected eventful element at least,this is uncertain, a strong expansion is expected.

■U.S. semiconductor earnings and emerging market stocks attention

Rather, the United States is in full swing to earnings announcement,quotes the entire flow of the left and right as well. Major U.S. corporate earnings announcement schedule on 20 and IBM, on the 21st Texas Instruments, Netflix,23 day Amazon・dot-com,Intel is scheduled. In particular, Texas Instruments and Intel’s announcement, Advantest<6857>and Tokyo Electron<8035>such as the index contribution of the large semiconductor-related impacts just to give you the attention. Domestic companies in 23 days of disco<6146>Nidec<6594>Canon<7751>,Advantest<6857>, Fanuc<6954>financial interest would gather. However, the next week from the 27th of Golden consciousness are, starting with large-cap stocks is the week towards the second half,this is a movement that is not expected. 17th JASDAQ average is 10 take Tengchong,click the link below to find out more about 5 days after watching the shows, when the light emerging market small-cap stocks in the shop around the popular inclination might intensify.

■3 on trade statistics,U.S. 3 month new home sales number

This week’s main economy-related schedule is 20 days to 3 months Trade Statistics,3 month convenience store sales,24 October to 3 November the national consumer price index,3 March corporate services price index,2 January all industries Activity Index is scheduled. On the other hand, the United States, such as major overseas schedule is 20 days on rice 3 month Chicago Fed National Activity Index,21 on rice 3 month existing home sales number,to 22 rice 2 October FHFA housing price index,23 October the rice in 3 January new home sales number on 24, US 3 on durable goods orders is scheduled. 《FA》

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