The domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average in the U.S. and the corona problem, they only have

*15:15JST the domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average in the U.S. and the corona problem, they only have
■Nikkei Stock Average temporary 20000 yen cracking second half, it is picking up

Last week’s Nikkei average is 3 weeks of sharply declining. Week on the 11th of the Nikkei average, the new corona virus of an infected person in the country, the pace of increase in 14 days, also, some of the counties in the emergency Declaration lifted the can to convey that I was likable,and the rise took place. The Nikkei stock average of the last 4 months 30 days return high 20365. 89 yen to update 20500 yen to rise to the occasions too. Rice regime in the virus infection risk to guard against the rise of 11 the day of the Dow is showed on the 12th, the Nikkei Stock Average is 4 working days maybe slightly cheaper turned. The morning is the NASDAQ Composite Index is 6 days after from the Tokyo market semiconductor-related shares particularly in the start as U.S. stock futures in after-hours trading trend I,close to the softened. Now 3 on a year-on-year 8 percent sales decline and prospects showed Toyota<7203>Earnings announcement after the trading hours in the market, limited impact on them. A new type of Corona infection in the first 2 waves against the years of increasing, the US-China friction to the people in the 12 days of DJIA substantial losses, and on the 13th of the Nikkei average also throughout the day in the Eurozone remained at. Close to the 5 month 1 days since the BOJ’s ETF(exchange-traded funds)buying, such as support to lower the reluctant to deploy in the Toyota and Shiseido<4911>As of closing on Tuesday, sell continued. 13th NY Dow Powell for the FED(U.S. Federal Reserve)Chairman and prominent investors say anaerobic down to widen the deployment of 3 days as there is no macroeconomic data. 14 days of the Tokyo market this flow of receiving weak support. After entering, the after-hours trading in U.S. stock futures cheap as the seller is upfront and the Nikkei Stock Average is down to a larger width,5 months, 7 days since 20000 yen mark cracked. The 15th of the Nikkei average, the additional remedy and in each state of the economic activity resumption expectations and high oil prices to rise for 14 days of the Dow Lindsay, the 4th day in a rebound. The Nikkei Stock Average is 20000 yen recovered to drop with after the fall and turned a scene that was too, but after entering from BOJ ETF buying the implementation of the observations received after 20000 yen recovers as close of your. 15 the U.S. market is 4 months of retail sales is the largest decline was on Tuesday, with weak to start a 5 month University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index preliminary figures unexpectedly improved this likable New York the Dow the previous day compared to 60. 08 dollar 23685. 42 dollar and the South Stream gas pipeline project.

■The fate of the next tranche is limited if the upper limit of the weight conscious from the

This week’s Nikkei average is 20,000 yen lower and upper limits of the zone installation from edgy to deploy and have a long way to go to do it. A new type of Corona infection in the first 2 waves and US-China friction to guard against having,economic activity resumed and the government’s additional economic measures that the US market supports. However, from 22 of the NPC ahead of the coming Championship in China for the radical remarks began to Trump the US President of the trend of vigilance factors, as well as continue to Dow and U.S. stock futures extended trading hours, such as the trends of the Nikkei average is affected and will continue to do so. Incidentally, in the United States 19 days to the world’s largest supermarket chain Wal-Mart,21 days to semiconductor manufacturers of n bit data,the computer giant Hewlett・Packard, 22 the Chinese e-Commerce giant Alibaba Group’s financial results announcement is scheduled. Not even 5 months into the share price rise again noticeable, and the Nubian of financial results, and its contents will be in the high-tech, semiconductor・related ransacked the impact that would make. On the other hand, on the domestic front, the government on July 14,the new Corona against infectious diseases emergencies declared 5 as of the end of the deadline instead of waiting for the 39 counties in release announced that, as the 2nd Supplementary Budget and the organization of policies for the economic activity of to the normalization of the expectation is the Tokyo market will support it. New infections decrease in the number of advances 21 days to review as the day that the emergency Declaration be continued 8 prefectures deregulation is implemented, the market mood may turn around and be so. However, the status quo is actively against the US dollar compared to buying on material lack, it is also true that as lying. New Corona problem of protracted view that the rise of economic recovery may slow at a time of intense concern, it quotes the General U.S. market trends is the degree of strength that remains. Supply and demand by also,5 on 13, 14 and the BOJ’s ETF buy into that 1 day of buying the amount is 1005 billion yen,4 months and 1 day from 5 Months 1 day to 1 day purchase amount 1205 billion, have shrunk from the negative material is regarded.

■Financial results of individual shop continues

Performance review the contents of ransacked to continue this. Domestic corporate earnings is 15 days to peak through, and the announced postponement of the schedule is to be digested. 18 days in G<9984>On the 19th, sharp<6753>On November 20, the HD<3197>, And 22 days FujiFilm HD<4901>Such earnings are planned.

■Rice 1−3 month period GDP, an emergency Declaration review,the NPC

This week’s main domestic schedule is on the 18th, 1-3 month period GDP preliminary estimates, 19 days 3 months industrial production・final value,20 November to 3 December orders received for machinery,4 months to the Metropolitan condominium launched,4 month visit to Japan number of international visitors to Japan,21 November to 4 January trade statistics,8 state of emergency Declaration review date is scheduled. On the other hand, overseas, 19 to the rice 4 on housing starts,US 1-3 month period GDP preliminary estimates, 20 November FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee)minutes of the meetings (4 on 28th, 29th minute),21 day Rice 5 April Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index,us previous minutes initial jobless claims,US 5 June manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index, Powell FED(Federal Reserve)Chairman’s remarks, on the 22nd China’s NPC kicks off is scheduled. 《FA》

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