The domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average is the clue hard to even contact to

*14:59JST the domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average is the clue hard to even contact to
■The Nikkei Stock Average is 3 weeks rebound

Last week’s Nikkei average is 3 weeks of gains. 1 to May 31 of the DJIA is 603. 41 dollar and 4 days significantly week as a week the first 3 days of the Nikkei Stock Average also significantly cheaper it is. Early in the morning the previous week compared to the end of 429. 26 depreciation of 22775. 92 yen to fall to a scene there was,the people’s Bank of China to Fund it was announced, the Nikkei average also lower the reluctant to deploy and was. People’s Bank of China enhance the Fund-provisioning measure to support strengthening the foundations for economic growth, plus 1 month ISM manufacturing milestone with more than 50 recovery and lived through 3 days of DJIA rallied. 4 days of Nikkei Stock Average 新型肺炎 to the roots of a strong concern from the morning is the Eurozone’s deployment was China・Shanghai shares rise and the Nikkei Stock Average futures also bought back my repulsion turned to. Day 4 of the US market, but tech stocks in the center nearly a decade and 5 days for the Nikkei Stock Average also rose. Some of the reports received by the Chinese government stimulus plan is expected to become the material of China・the Shanghai Composite Index also stop you from wage expansion was. 1 on the ADP employment report is 15 years 5 months since the big growth,ISM Non-Manufacturing Index also exceeded expectations due to strong content and the approval of the 5 days of the Dow this year, up a width and 483. 22 dollar and 3 days South Stream gas pipeline project. This movement feeling, and 新型肺炎 to the vigilance of the retreat 6 of the day the Nikkei average is also significantly high. The exchange rate is 1 dollar=110 yen to plunge close to the weaker yen trend also acting as a tailwind, on the width of the temporary 600 yen exceeded. Also, after trading hours, the announcement was made during a Toyota Motor<7203>3rd quarter earnings and full-year profit Outlook upward the surprise was. The Chinese government has 14 days from the United States imports 750 billion dollars worth of tariffs on half announced, 新型肺炎 concern over recently, there was a 6 day Dow 4 days after the NASDAQ index and the S&P500 index and record the value to update. It has received 7 days of Nikkei Stock Average is a solid start, the US 1 month’s payrolls announcement and ahead of the weekend, the previous day is greatly high profit sales are dominated by the 4th day in a row turned. Individually, the rice activity on the list (the ones that say shareholders)the Fund’s equity holdings was conveyed to the Softbank Group<9984>But,the sales price to the top.

■The upper limit to follow is the material shortage from

This week’s Nikkei average is,wait and see mood having everyone fit and expected to expand. 2 on the 1st week of the Nikkei Stock Average in the U.S. Dow and other major index 3 is the best ever update the value to rise to stimulated to form significant opposition saw. However, this year the maximum on width(554.03 appreciation of the yen)was recorded on the 6th Nikkei Stock Average is a psychological milestone for 24000 yen, and 4. 63 yen and focus on the strike being returned. More of the Dow’s rise, and 1 dollar=110 yen to the continued depreciation of the yen and external factors rise in the duration of the expected leave, the upper limit to follow is the material shortage is becoming. Been extended for the Spring Festival is the Chinese mainland in economic activity will resume from the new corona virus the effect of continued concern. 7 as of the date of,in China, and its 34 cities have the blockade and travel regulations are implemented. Initially 11 days from 13 days in and have been blockade and regulations(corporate activities)may be extended, the economic impact will again be on the alert this way. Also, this week is 10 days in China 1 Production those prices and China 1 on consumer prices, on the 12th in Japan for 1 month Machine Tool Orders, 14 days for the Tokyo market close after turn out to U.S. 1 on retail sales and,新型肺炎 the impact of the economic indicators in terms of the table this should be monitored carefully. Calendar by also, 11 days of public holidays sandwiching this week 4 days next week on the 17th is Washington’s birthday in the U.S. market is a 3 Day weekend that weekend, from the aggressive buying is expected to. However, a new type of coronavirus-infected individuals in Japan, it was confirmed that 1 on 15 October, and next week in almost 1 months to. The Nikkei Stock Average 23000 yen line approaching,I also strongly confirmed that it, and excessive, where the fate of the next tranche of anxiety may have subsided. Also, 10 days be filed with Trump administration by 2021 fiscal year budget proposal contents will be in the stock market to a positive work likely would.

■Softbank G, such as the closing refrain

In addition, 新型肺炎 by impact factored in, and Day 4 of the Sony<6758>Followed by 6 day Toyota<7203>The current fiscal year of the benefit plans has been raised. General corporate earnings are still spotty from the bright parts are out that’s for sure. In this situation, the financial results announced this week in the round. 10 days Toray<3402>Mitsubishi Estate<8802>On the 12th, the Softbank Group<9984>,Business<6723>And 13 Rakuten<4755>Nissan<7201>,The<6740>And 14 click HD<6098>Toshiba<6502>In Japan, the postal<6178>The company is scheduled to be announced. 5G of the business is in full swing ahead of the Softbank Group and Rakuten’s trends can be expected. Operations continued to clue and ransacked the deployment center and the like.

■1 on machine tools orders, China 1 on consumer prices, the US budget proposal

This week’s main economy related schedule,10 days to 1 month Economy Watchers survey,12 month and 2019 international balance of payments,11 the day Tokyo market closed(Day), 12 October to 1 November Machine Tool Orders, 13 September to 1 October Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index,14 October to 12 November Tertiary Industry Activity Index,options, SQ are respectively scheduled. On the other hand, overseas, 10 days in China 1 Production those prices, the Chinese 1 month change in the CPI on the 11th, Powell FED Chairman the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee in testimony before Congress,14 October rice to 1 month retail sales as expected. In addition to this, 10 days is the US President 2021 fiscal year budget proposal also will be announced. 《FA》

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