The domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average is the external environment up to the upper limit try

*14:09JST the domestic stock market Outlook: Nikkei Stock Average is the external environment up to the upper limit try
■The Nikkei Stock Average is about 2 months 23000 yen recovery

This week’s Nikkei Stock Average is a U.S. stock market rally to tailwind to 2 consecutive weeks, rising to approximately 2 months to 23000 yen for the recovery. 10 days US market,tech stocks remained weak as a result but the NASDAQ Composite Index are indices for the United States for employment-related indicators exceeded expectations in addition to Trump the President for additional fiscal measures, the President signed a decree this also lived New York the Dow 357. 96 dollar high and 7 South Stream gas pipeline project. This flow received a 3-Day weekend became the 11th of the Nikkei average is raised at the start, and then also the Asian stock market rally to the support material to wage its … The Nikkei Stock Average last week compared to the end of the 420. 30 the yen and 4 days she rebounded. Tech stocks mainly selling continued influence, on the 11th of the Dow is a 8 day in a row but 12 days of Nikkei Stock Average on the South Stream gas pipeline project. Exceeded expectations of the United States 7 producer price index(PPI)has received U.S. long-term interest rates will rise, to $ 1=106 yen thereafter in the depreciation of the yen this morning is the closing price on the previous day across the United States, the Nikkei average,after The into the plus zone in transition. Recent strong economic indicators and quarterly results, the tech stocks are a buy again for 12 days in the US market, the Dow rebounded, the NASDAQ Composite Index also 4 days to Rose. Also, the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German companies have jointly developed the new corona virus vaccine, good clinical trials are reportedly on the 13th of the Nikkei average, about 2 months 23000 yen recovers as stop with. After Boxing, and 6 on September 9, The Return of the high 23185. 85 Yen outperformed. Economy sensitive system of value stocks, although stagnated growth tech stocks rose. 13 the US market,our deployment was,US long-term interest rates rise and a temporary 1 dollar=107 yen depreciation progresses,the 14th of the Nikkei Stock Average is a solid start. Option 8 on as long as the SQ(special liquidation index)after passing the previous day of the pitch rise from the buy and sell tumble the wearing feeling is strong, even after the slightly elevated levels in your. TOPIX(Tokyo Stock Price Index)is 4 days, banking and real estate investments fell on the other hand, the Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared with 39. 75 appreciation of the yen, 23289. 36 yen and 4 days after at the close of your. Of the 14 days the U.S. market is the U.S. 7 March retail sales growth below expectations or on the other hand, 8 November University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index preliminary figures unexpectedly rose in shows such as the strength material is interlaced, the main 3 index our deployment was.

■Economic sensitive stocks and semiconductor-related movement of the focus

Next week, the Nikkei Stock Average,the speed adjustment isn’t even the upper limit to try there is a scene in it. 8 June the Nikkei Stock Average is 2 weeks for about 1500 yen more than the rise of the show, the 13th is 6 months 9 days return high 23185. 85 yen by you. The Nikkei Stock Average is 1 month 22 days since 24000 yen to ride at once to challenge and to think of what,6 months lasted from the box rate limit on the out for sure that there is a trend of seroconversion is not to be trifled with. 8 on the subsequent rising market, the US market with the rise of the exchange rate depreciation of the yen, and the new corona virus vaccine against the development development of support material as well. American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German companies developed a new type of coronavirus vaccines in clinical trials,antibodies to the virus is detected,the virus works to weaken the neutralizing antibody, the amount of rise that is in the early stages, as a result of the confirmed the British scientific journal”Nature”published in. Vaccine development, if successful,the government of Japan next year 6 by the end of 6000 million minutes of receiving the supply have agreed that this is a good feeling being. Yet the result is opaque, the vaccine development one of the With began and for the market,”de Corona”awareness for that. This will be Toyota etc Automobile Co., Ltd. and Komatsu<6301>Such as mechanical strain and economic sensitive stocks value returns that. This economy is sensitive to the buy-back of shares, the SUMCO<3436>And Tokyo Electron<8035>Such as semiconductor-related out of the back on how to continue, but the rate box on the out for the future of the Nikkei average on the width of the left and right this way. However, 14 days of this earnings season has ended, but the economy sensitive stocks and value stocks of individual performance is tough for many,4-6 month period is the earnings of the bottom judged to be premature as the mood in Japan, it is strong. Foreign exchange and overseas stock prices and other external factors don’t work, the Nikkei Stock Average is the upper limit of the weight is to be aware of the levels too small.

■Ransacked deployment to spread,the strong earnings shares of the sorting ransacked continue to

SECOM<9735>And Olympus<7733>Is 2 months of almost recovered to update, such as the circulation ransacked nature which may at the same time, Sony is in 5 days almost recovered to update The such as high tech stocks to buy have continued. Also, 14 days is the TSE 1st section of the team<2413>And check<3962>Such favorable results, the company shares the volume is accompanied by greatly high, and strong brand name to a selection of shopping continues to do that.

■4-6 year on year GDP, 7 months trade balance,8 June NY Fed index

Next week’s main economy-related schedule is 17 Days, 4—6 year on year GDP preliminary estimates, 6 November industrial production and revised values, 19 to 7 on the trade balance,6 months machine orders, 21 days on 7 on the National Consumer Price Index,7 month visit to Japan number of international visitors to Japan the announcement of each scheduled. On the other hand, the United States, such as major overseas schedule, the 17th in the U.S. 8 on the NY Fed Index,US 8 October NAHB housing market index,18 pound 7 month housing starts, November 19 Rice 7 April 28, 29 held on minutes of FOMC proceedings,the Euro area 7 on the Consumer Price Index,20th in the U.S. 8 on the Philadelphia Fed Index,US Initial Jobless Claims,21 days to US 7 month existing home sales, rice 8 month Manufacturing Purchasing Managers ‘Index preliminary estimates, Euro area 8 July manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index preliminary results announcement is scheduled. 《FA》

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