The economic Outlook,major companies of 6 percent”flat” to the Mainichi Shimbun survey of small and medium-sized further deterioration prediction

Mainichi is 3 days for nationwide key 122 companies in the survey, the economic Outlook about 62 percent of the 76 companies is”unchanged”and the answer was found. The most recent of the various agencies in the investigation of the”summer of the Olympics after the shortness of breath”etc, citing the economic recession concerned the result has been announced, and”the economy is expanding moderately”with the decision to maintain the government and the Bank of Japan’s view and, contrary to industry cautious view is spreading.

Studies in 2019, 11 from mid-12 to mid-made. First economy is the”dance area”is 57%and the most,”moderate recovery”of 27 percent. 1 year before the survey [123 companies], compared to the”gradual retreat”is from 0% to 16%, also”the landing”is also from 28% to almost doubled.

The future of the economy about the”better”and the answer for companies is 26%,”worse”and the answer is 9%but was flat”,”62% of overwhelmingly outperformed. Careful of opinion as a background,a consumption tax hike accompanied by cashless payments for point reduction system is 20 years 6 months ends in addition to the summer Tokyo Olympics, the economy accompanied by a rebound, etc have.

After the Olympics, the Japanese economy is stalling all the answers,”worse”of 21%for”good”is 7%. “The impact is not”is 21%,”do not know”is 45 percent.

This survey of the subject is Japan’s representative companies, the Teikoku Databank is the 12 announced in February that about 1 million companies from the answers obtained”in 2020 the economic Outlook for the industry survey”and”worse”and the answer is 37. 2%at the top. The”dance area”is 32. 8%, the”recovery”is 6. 8%. Small and medium・sized enterprises in between,every day of the major companies in the survey compared to”worse”and predicted that the industry ratio is much higher, which indicates that.

Macroeconomic forecasts of the numbers, Mizuho Research Institute,Sumitomo Mitsui DS asset management, such as research institutions have announced that in 2020 the economy, but according to the forecast,GDP growth is 0. 5 ~ 0.6%. 19 years of Prospect 0. 8~0.9%compared to the slowdown or not. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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