The elderly workshops received! (2/3) “prediction operation is important”is missing? Why would

And off course to the confluence,”ran not to look! Stopping by from check me!” And for the first time received a note from. The confluence is in prospect, because as usual, ran up front from the safety that would start. But, it is surely not stop that leads to the stop from the review course and the teaching of was.

【Previous】The elderly workshops received! (1/3) necessary for the operation of the”dynamic visual acuity””dazzling light sight”and”viewing angle”

For Outlook, you advance ones like”pause”to ignore, such as the movement or not. This pause and may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your rights”form committed”and had many people to pay. But”one also, not to get into an accident”, in order to reliably stop the better of you. Even you are doing it properly, do not be, and from behind”and drive”cause I felt like as feedback, but it’s not.

“Curve yield”and the instructor from the instructions is out of but I just in the corners from when the deceleration is insufficient and wrong. It is said that the street of”10 km/h below”that is quite painful.

Why think about”predictive driving”to me. “Vision when there is no slow down to this”and guidance to, but 10km/h beyond that. This”vision time”was the problem. IT training courses on Outlook is very good and the corners, it is also open to(vision is good)from you.

So, the body will naturally react with the as. One is”the prospect of a bad thing to slow down”, but in front of the scenery is”Outlook good”, the drift can not do. From the usual”prospect poor”afraid to slow down those who have most natural feeling sleep. “Will”as a practice that is not because the body is reaction let’s just.

The evidence for it actually”the prospect of a bad place to make the intersection”, nature sure is trying to”slow down,pause”when I was.

The elderly training of practical skill to have for many years, driving people who have discomfort plenty of settings that was. However, usually, from the Vision open not the way,including the intersection is dangerous, while feeling driving training and so I think it would be better to leave the fragments alone for now. Normal driving was a sense from the workshop where it was noted to consider.

And then,”why?” 5 times repeating the real cause of stuffed,additionally, the reality of the traffic scene, think of yourself driving is the correct one to validate you. The conclusion is”predictive driving”is all that would—

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