The employee is a”shortage”of enterprises 39. 6%, 10 consecutive years increases by JFC survey

Japan Finance Corporation is a”small business employment”survey results announced,the construction industry mainly due to the labor shortage that followed, the business be detrimental to the company and,wages rising trend and got better.

【Here】Food and accommodation industry, foreign tourists marketing efforts is about 3% JFC survey

■Number of employees”shortage”companies for 10 consecutive years increased

26, the Japan Finance Corporation, is”small business employment”survey results announced. This is the same government-affiliated Financial Corporation or similar institutions, account to 1 million businesses(Retail, Wholesale,restaurants, lodging business employees 10 people less than, manufacturing, service industry, Telecommunications Industry, construction industry, transportation industry is the same 20 people or less), we surveyed the answer was 6,836 Company minutes summary and analysis of.

The current number of employees”and”lack of respondents the proportion of 39. 6%in the previous(to 2018 7~9 month period) survey as compared to 1. 9 points rising(lack increased)for. “Shortage”and the answer percentage of firms in 2009 14. From 5% to 10 consecutive years increased.

■Employees too much or too little of the DI rise continues

The number of employees is”lack”and the answer was a company from the percentage of”excess”and the answer percentage of firms minus the excess or shortage DI(Trend Index)is 32. 8, with the previous survey from 2. 4 points rose. Also of 2009-4.6 from the upward trend continued in 1992, of 35. 2 since high.

Employees imbues DI by industry the highest in the transportation of 62. 8,the construction of 58. 6,the information and Communication Sector 52. 1, this of 3 industries in the 50 over. Contrary to most low retail of 24. 3, the manufacturing and wholesale trade are both 24. 5, the service sector is 27. 7,eateries and accommodation facilities Sector 38. 3, and the numerical differences that even all the industries in the”shortage”is above that.

■Business of inheritance be detrimental to the companies

Underhanded of impact when asked about the most was,”the increasing demand can not”is 44. 4%, one in”hand to ensure wage raising”is 40. 6%,”manpower is not enough, sales have decreased”is 31. 1%,”of the decrease in sales and the rise in labor costs in the business continue to be affected by”IS 23. 1% was. Or”most impact”is also 13. 5% there.

■Underhanded to increase the number and wages up in response

Underhanded response when asked about the most was,”the increase in(part・time), including”at 52. 2%. The”wage hike”(32.2%),”work process(the setup)of efficiency”(26.9%),”employees of pluripotent reduction and concurrently by”(23.7%),”work(orders)of the amount of refinement”(16.0%),”work mechanization and computerization”(9.2%),”overtime”increase(7.4%)as well. Also”effectively means no”is 8. 8%there.

■Number of employees such as wages are also rising

Salary levels there 1 year ago and compared to the”rise”and the percentage of firms affected is 34. 8%in the previous survey from 3. 0 points rose. “Rise,”replied the companies the percentage of employees of different scale, with 1-4 employees is 22. 3%, 5~9 people in the 44. 7%,more than 10 people in 61. 7%, and small businesses even if the number of employees many companies just”rise”and answer the percentage of firms is higher. (Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at)

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