The empty house and the family inheritance if the risks and how to deal with

The empty house is”a building or attached to the workpiece, and residential any other use is not the normal you and the site”[vacant houses Special Measures Act 2, Paragraph 1] and stipulates that,throughout the country the factory to the empty house problem, an aging population and social structure caused from that.

【Here】Sober real estate companies switch to began to blow”the empty house problem”with this wind

That is, Central to livelihoods with households, about the distance of 1 people lived their immediate family has passed away at the timing of inheritance to real estate, and vacant homes and is.

Also, the brothers or relatives of someone in the family take over to continue to live, such as utilization even if the problem is not live, without management even from distant space about the house, rather an asset to be classified is if you from most risks often inherent to.

For example, to hold real estate to the yearly land tax to pay, and that is,originally the residence[small house] is a building land, the tax base has 6 minutes of 1 on reduced to special exceptions have been made for the family assets and holdings, you can be as big as the spending did not.

However, in 2015 2 months full enforcement of vacant houses Special Measures Act, by a vacant house[destroyed, such as markedly a security risk and not afraid to・significantly hygiene harmful and fear・significantly spoil the scenery by the empty house, etc.] to be certified, if this special category is applied to. That is, each year had paid the property tax of 6 times of the tax imposed in this.

Besides, empty houses blight occurrence and crime hotbed of potential risk, such as the number of such empty houses in order to take advantage of, where as when not in use,manfully considering to sell is desirable.

Currently, the heirs to the seismic renovation or demolition was carried out after the houses and grounds of the transfer case, the transfer to the special deduction is provided, such as the empty house of inheritance problem solving is being promoted.

Memories of his childhood filled with my parents ‘house to sell and don’t want to be feeling fully understood, a decaying harmful into my parents’ house was vaguely holding to continue and much more beneficial for you. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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