The entire galaxy is different from the rod-like structure of molecular gas Movement National Astronomical Observatory of Japan from the observation

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan on the 11th,near-Earth spirals of gas movement analysis, bar spiral galaxy located in the center of the rod-shaped structure of gas in the entire galaxy, and is different from the movement that caught and released.

【Here】The swirling of the galaxy formation process,a flying Observatory reveals NASA

■The Milky Way galaxy, a barred spiral containing classified

The galaxy has many stars gravity was detained by the celestial bodies only. Initially uniformly distributed about the universe, the slightest fluctuation by a small star of mass was born. This is as the galaxy is formed and considered.

The Galaxy for how we grow from the consideration that the molecular gas is an important key. Interstellar gas is a type of the main component molecules of hydrogen gas, stars are formed of the material. The molecular gas in the galaxy is how to exercising in order to grasp the substance emitted from the radio wave observed need.

■Toward the center while rotating molecular gas

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Hokkaido University, Tsukuba University and other researchers that consists of a group focused bar spiral galaxies only. Galaxy shape,elliptical galaxies and spiral galaxies,不規則銀河 such as classified. A spiral galaxy is in the center of the rod-shaped structure of sticks spiral galaxies, the rod-shaped bodies from the spiral arm growth.

Stick and spiral galaxies are rare in the galaxy not. A spiral galaxy of about 3 minutes of the 2 is a bar spiral galaxy just. Of the solar system to the Milky Way galaxy, a barred spiral containing it. Located in the center of the rod-shaped structure is old from the star configured.

Research Group,National Astronomical Observatory of Japan it is 宇宙電波観測所 of the telescope in the Earth close to 20 pieces of a spiral galaxy observed carbon monoxide molecules in the gas of the exercise for analysis. As a result, the rod spiral galaxy in the rod-like structure of the circular motion of the Galaxy toward the center of the movement detection. The speed of the gas analysis, where the rod-like structure larger turning slowly found.

It 宇宙電波観測所 is the Earth closer to the Galactic observations continue. Molecular gas observations to do the project continues, and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan from Hokkaido University and University of Tsukuba, Osaka Prefecture University, Nagoya University, Kwansei Gakuin University, including many colleges and universities are participating.

Research the details of the Astronomical Society of Japan Western research report of 12 October, published in. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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