The first driver to win Le Mans and choose to retire | What is the promise behind it?

$ 86400 for 24 hours. However, you can feel something more in the "Le Mans 24 Hours". An unforgettable, historic moment occurs. From small episodes to big success stories, every single person, emotion of joy and sadness intersects in 24 hours. When the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held, the passion of each spectator who has been fascinated by the races at any time will unite and envelop the venue. Introducing Le Mans 24 Hours of Le Mans, a talk of a related person who has seen and felt such a moment.

Hans Hermann, German driver, born February 23, 1928

1970-First victory in last race
"I think it was in 1969 。. With 90 minutes to finish, Jackie Ickx and I had a violent dead heat every lap, but by a small margin I missed the victory In 1970, Ferdinand Piech developed a powered-up machine to revenge, and winning the humiliated Le Mans a year ago, It is remembered as a special memory because it was Porsche's first Le Mans victory and at the same time his last race.

With a promise to his wife, she decided to withdraw from her career as a racing driver of any consequence. My wife had been asking me to retire a few years ago. Given the friends we lost, it was a natural decision. "I may be blessed now, but that luck will be exhausted someday," I was thinking at the time. Looking back now, a lot of things happened in 1970 and my heart was shaken strongly. The moment I won Le Mans I don't know if I cried a man, but I'm probably an emotional character and maybe I was crying. ''

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