The first model of "G-SHOCK" becomes the future technology heritage of the National Science Museum

The first model “DW-5000C” [released in 1983] of Casio Computer's shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK” was registered in the 2019 Future Technology Heritage [Important Science and Technology History Material] hosted by the National Museum of Science.

  • DW-5000C

Future technology heritage is a registration system that the National Science Museum has been implementing since 2008. The purpose is to preserve and utilize materials that have important results and significance in the development of science and technology, as well as materials that have had a major impact on people's lives.

The newly registered “DW-5000C” in the 12th year of the Ordinance is the first model of the shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK”. It was evaluated that the values ​​of the wristwatch that had the impression of “weak to shock and fragile” were greatly changed.

The company's products are registered in the 2008 electronic desk calculator Casio Mini, the 2009 digital camera prototype DC-90, the 2012 LCD digital camera QV-10, and the 2013 card calculator SL. -800 ", the 6th time following the 2014 scientific and engineering computer AL-1.

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