The first regular terrestrial crown program, NMB, also appeared

Kantere [Kita Ward, Osaka City] has announced a spring program reorganization on the 25th.

"NMB to Manabuku-kun" [Night to midnight on Friday: Kansai Local], where NMB48 and Kamai-tachi are appearing, ends in March, and "Kamai-tachi no Sora-ron Castle" starts on April 10. This is the first terrestrial regular crown program for Kamikatsu. Kenji Yamauchi [39] said, "I've been coming." Ryuichi Hamaya [36] enthusiastically said, "I want to do a program that is always interesting and always wants to watch." NMB48 Shibuya Nagisaki [23] also appears on the program.

The person in charge of the Bureau explained that the end of "NMB and Manabu-kun" was "one of the reorganization". NMB48 members and young performers will appear on the location of the new program.

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