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The first shot of Reiwa 2nd year (child year) is the anime "Himoto! Umaru-chan"! Free broadcast on Nico Nico Live Broadcast from 1:30 AM on New Year's Day


The animation information site "N Anime" of the video service "niconico" will broadcast a total of 12 episodes of the anime "Himoto! Enter the kotatsu at the beginning of the new year, and spend some time in Gutara in paradise, with coke and potatoes in one hand.

■ Introduction

A beautiful figure, excellent grades, universal sports, and a perfect schoolgirl that everybody longs for.
However, when she returns home, she becomes a dried fish sister, "dried younger sister!"
Manga, anime, games, internet, cola, potatoes …
Spend the supreme Gutara time [time] surrounded by what you like.
Only the older brother, Taihei, who lives with him knows such a figure.
In addition to Taihei, weaving with classmates Ebina, Kirie and Sylphins, the strongest and best everyday [paradise] of Umaru begins!

■ Delivery schedule
"Himoto! Umaru-chan" All 12 episodes broadcast at once
Wednesday, January 1, 2020 1:30 start



[C] 2015 Sankaku Head / Shueisha "Himoto! Umaru-chan" Production Committee

New Year's Holiday Nico Nico Live Broadcast Animation One Lineup

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